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Action in the Huts
  • April 10

  • Natalie TriFlorida/Sommer Sports Events What tips would you give a first timer for a Sprint Triathlon?
    about 11 months ago
  • Natalie has joined TriFlorida/Sommer Sports Events
    about 11 months ago
  • Natalie Signed up for the Sprint Triathlon on May 11. First one ever.
    about 11 months ago
  • December 11

  • Slowesttwitch created the group Discount - Corerecoverysuit
    a year ago
  • Slowesttwitch created the group [AS:JOURNALINFO:GROUPNAMELINK]
    a year ago
  • October 18

  • KAR The GFT Tribe Hi E-Dad and Taz!!! Hey Dad, how was the B2B?... I follow GFT on twitter, it's really looking like no wetsuits this year, water temp is over 80 degrees... I already have 2014 in the back of my mind. Missed the last three years due to a bad cold race week, plantar fasciitis, and just plain lack of motivation. I concentrated on smaller local races this year. I'm entered in the Florida Challenge next March, so I'll hold off on a GFT decision til after then. But I'm really hungry for one last shot at it... Good luck to all GFT participants tomorrow, make it memorable!!! Anyone know if St. Pete Mad Dogs are still there?
    a year ago
    • EnduradadRace was great. VERY cold though, I hate cold. race start was 38 and as soon as sun set went back down fast.
      trying to plan what to do next year?
      If up to me GFT, but family wants to go some where new.

      please someone give an update on race for this year.
      10:54 AM October 28
  • SVS OK, as a past/present "TRIBE" member, I wish everyone a very safe event!! I'll be sitting by the roadside, as you cycle by, applauding your efforts. If you think it's me, just yell out "TAZ"!! No prizes, but it will keep you on your toes. HINT... What color is a pumpkin? ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH? MORE STONES!! The "TRIBE" battle cries! TAZ
    a year ago
  • October 17

  • Enduradad Slowesttwitch Sorry I didn't see your question earlier. Try compression sleeves. They are a little expensive, but work well. I thought they were a gimmick, but hospitals use them. I wear them at night when I suffer from leg cramps. Look silly, but work well. I have not noticed if they help while racing?
    a year ago
  • October 16

  • Enduradad Good luck to all doing GFT this year! I hope that some of you write a report. I'll be back again next year. Enduradad
    a year ago
    • EnduradadThe count down clock seems to be running out of numbers. Must be almost race day.
      8:42 AM October 17
  • October 02

  • Slowesttwitch Open Triathlon Discussion anybody heard any info on the new recovery suit that is been launched by corerecoverysuit.com hamstrings are still really sore and looking for a recovery
    a year ago
TriathletesVillage Tri News
Israman 2015 Race Review
2/9/2015 10:20:51 AM Everyman Tri
Israman takes place in Eilat, Israel, the furthest southern point in Israel. Located on the Red Sea, it is home to some of the best diving in the world. It is also known for its tax free shopping zone and...
Israman Chronicles: Day 7- Tel Aviv and Jaffa
2/5/2015 9:26:05 AM Everyman Tri
Founded in 1909, Tel Aviv is a modern city of 3.5 million, roughly half of Israel’s population. Located on the Mediterranean Sea, it sports modern architecture and a lively youthful atmosphere. New residential and commercial towers are being constructed everywhere,...
Israman Chronicles: Day 6- Eilat to Tel Aviv
2/1/2015 11:24:05 AM Everyman Tri
This morning I woke a nd took a jog to the border of Jordan. Its port city, Aqaba, is adjacent to Eilat and serves as a vacation sport for Jordanians and other mid-Eastern countries. Just south of Aqaba is Saudi...
Israman Chronicles: Day 4 Eilat, Israel
1/30/2015 3:56:19 PM Everyman Tri
Eilat is Israel’s southernmost city located on the north tip of the Red Sea on the Bay of Aqaba. Most tourists know Eilat (population 48,000) as the starting point for tours to Petra, Jordan, which is only a two hour...
Triflare Extends Partnership with Alicia Kaye
2/27/2015 12:08:34 PM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site


Triflare is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership with 2X Lifetime Fitness Series Champion, St. Anthony's Triathlon Champion and 2013 Triathlete Magazine's Top American Female Triathlete, Alicia Kaye.

Alicia Kaye said "Continuing my relationship with Triflare is extremely important to me. It feels amazing to be a part of growing company whose brand and mission has completely changed the way I view myself on race day and as a female athlete. My goal is to share that message with other female athletes by racing and training my best in Triflare's beautifully designed race suits and clothing. "

Triflare founder Andrea Robertson said, "We're honored to have Alicia Kaye as part of our company mission. She's an inspirational athlete and exemplifies all of the characteristics of a world class athlete. Our goal at Triflare is to support Alicia and help her feel her best while she's racing. Alicia has been a fantastic ambassador for Triflare since 2013 and we feel as if we have grown as a company along side her growth as an athlete"

Triflare designer Kim Mclean said "Each piece of Triflare apparel is designed to fit and flatter an athlete's body. Our company purpose is to help athletes to feel powerful and confident while they are racing and training. Alicia demonstrates what power and confidence look like on the racecourse. We are thrilled she believes in us, our creative and bold designs and has embraced all that is Triflare. Alicia inspires us to push ourselves to our design limits, to say we are inspired by her determination and diligence is an understatement."

ABOUT Alicia Kaye
Alicia grew up in Canada and began participating in triathlon when she was 11 years old; she became a professional triathlete at the age of 14. Alicia has been a dominant force in the non-draft Olympic distance of triathlon. In 2014, Alicia had seven race wins including her first win at the 70.3 distance (Muskoka). Additionally, she had 10 podium finishes in 2014. For 2015 Alicia is planning to race in 12 races including the Challenge Triple Crown (in Dubai, Oman, and Bahrain), Oceanside 70.3, and St. Anthony's Triathlon.

ABOUT Triflare
Triflare is a sportswear company that designs, markets and sells a range of high fashion competition and post-competition apparel products for men and women. The initial product focus of the Company was on women's triathlon suits and post-competition casual wear. Driven by the consumer response to the initial product offerings, Triflare has expanded its range of products to racing, running and swimwear for women and for men. Triflare was a 2013 St. Louis Arch Grants recipient and a finalist in the 2013 St. Louis Start-Up Challenge. The Company has received considerable regional press including features and profiles in The St. Louis Post Dispatch, the St. Louis Business Journal, KMOX radio, and ALIVE magazine. More recently Triflare has become the exclusive supplier of competition suits for the USA Synchronized Swimming national teams, including the teams that will compete for the USA at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Bozzone & Ryf Crowned Inaugural Challenge Dubai Champions
2/27/2015 4:02:56 PM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site


Terenzo Bozzone and Daniela Ryf over powered the rest of the their respective field late into the bike and became the inaugural Challenge Dubai champions. Their win, the first in the Challenge Triple Crown, is the stepping stone in what could amount to a $1,000,000 payday at the end of the year if they win the next two races in the series. Challenge Oman is the next race in the series while Challenge Bahrain take place in December.

Bozzone and Ryf both win the $65,000 first place prize check.

2015 Challenge Dubai Results:
Dubai, United Arab Emirates - February 27, 2015

Pro Men Results Time
Pro Women Results Time
Terenzo Bozzone 3:45:45^
Daniela Ryf 4:05:01
Tim Reed (was 4th) 3:46:35
Heather Wurtele 4:09:21
Michael Raelert (was 2nd) 3:46:49^
Helle Frederiksen 4:11:43
Bart Aernouts (was 6th) 3:47:13
Jodie Swallow 4:13:35
Martin Jensen (was 7th) 3:47:19
Annabel Luxford 4:15:55
Eneko Llanos (was 8th) 3:47:20
Alicia Kaye 4:19:47
Domenico Passuello (was 9th) 3:48:04
Meredith Kessler 4:22:41
Trevor Wurtele 3:49:06
Leanda Cave 4:25:22
Manuel Küng (was 3rd) 3:49:39^
Svenja Bazlen 4:25:57
Joe Gambles 3:50:23
Lauren Brandon 4:27:39
  ^ = penalty assessed      

Penalties were handed out before the awards ceremony, causing a re-shuffle of the men's pro standings. A 4 minute penalty was added to the times of those who had taken an inadvertent shortcut. The penalty moved Tim Reed into second place, thus moving Michael Raelert down to third. Manuel Küng dropped from 3rd to 9th place. Andy Potts and Ben Collins were completing knocked out of the Top 10, thus giving Trevor Wurtele and Joe Gambles a Top 10 finish.


Photo credits: Stephen Pond
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Passuello, Pooley Claim Tough Wins at Challenge Philippines

Inaugural TOUGHMAN Florida Debuts in March
2/26/2015 4:09:34 PM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site


The inaugural event of the new national half iron distance national TOUGHMAN Series, TOUGHMAN Florida, will take place on March 15, 2015 at Lake Manatee State Park in Bradenton, Florida.

The TOUGHMAN Half starts at 7 am on March 15.

The TOUGH Kid's event starts at 9 am on March 14.

The vision of the event is to focus on providing the best possible athlete race day experience, in a fun, friendly, family-focused environment.

To that end, Lake Manatee State Park was chosen as the event site. The park's location 5 miles east of metropolitan Sarasota / Bradenton makes it easily accessible from Tampa / St. Petersburg. It also makes it an ideal location for an "Escape from Winter" triathlon for those living in the Northeastern United States.

The event is focusing on the athlete in several ways:

  • • Two loop swim course to provide better monitoring of the athletes and allow families to see their athlete more frequently
  • • Two loop bike course to make water bottle exchange and cheering sections easier for the athlete and their family
  • • Lots of gear for those who participate: shirt, socks, finisher's medals, water bottle, fun awards and post-race food.

You are invited to be a part of this inaugural race of the TOUGHMAN National Series.

Further information is available at on the events website at www.toughmanflorida.com and on the event's Facebook page www.facebook.com/toughmanflorida
The TOUGHMAN Series is currently 10 races in the US with locations in: Bradenton FL, Richmond IN, Tupper Lake NY, Sherwood WI, Ocean Shores WA, Chisago MN, Pell City AL, , Provo UT and Santa Fe NM. The series Championship in Croton on Hudson New York has a closed bike course and over 30,000 worth of age group awards as well as a $4500 cash purse! For more information visit: www.TOUGHMANTri.com

Challenge Dubai Draws Million-dollar Field
2/24/2015 9:17:27 AM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site


The focus turns to the Middle East this weekend for the inaugural Challenge Dubai on Friday, February 27th and the event has drawn out a million dollar field and triathlon royalty.

As the first race in the Triple Crown Series encompassing Challenge Dubai, Challenge Oman and Challenge Bahrain, which is offering the male and female athlete that wins all three events a guaranteed USD 1 million dollars.

Spain's Javier Gomez has lodged notice of his intention to become triathlon's first million-dollar man but the names standing in his way are plenty.

The powerhouse German Michael Raelert is just one of the players that could unhinge the world champion's plans as could his countryman Ivan Rana.

"I've been in training camp at Fuerteventura and prepared well for Dubai, I am looking forward to the race and what I can do," said Raelert.

The Australian's are coming in force and although Luke McKenzie, Pete Jacobs are more suited to the long distance are still chances along with the half specialists Tim Reed, Leon Griffin and Brad Kahlefeldt. If former world champion Terenzo Bozzone (NZL) can find his best form will make himself known.

In all 75 professional men will line up in Dubai for their chance at triathlon glory and some of USD 300k in prize money.

The women's field is just as impressive with 70.3 World Champion Daniela Ryf making her bid to become the first million-dollar triathlon baby.

Ryf has spent the last month preparing in the Gran Canaria and Challenge Dubai will be her first race for 2015.

"February is an early start for me, but I'm happy to be here and looking forward to test my form. "I'm exited to race here. It's my first Challenge race and the experience in Dubai has been great so far. "For me it will be a good test to see if I'm able to TT a flat 90km. For sure it will be a fast course, so it's always fun to see how fast we can go.

It's my first time in Dubai, I always wanted to visit Dubai and now I can combine it with training and racing," said Ryf.

Challenge Bahrain champion Helle Frederiksen has her sights firmly set on the Triple Crown prize and after the win in Bahrain will go in with confidence and a solid preparation.

"I was a little concerned where I would be only committing to racing the event in December. Now we are almost here I am very happy with where my form is, I'll be bringing a good level of fitness to the Dubai event," said Frederiksen.

Frederiksen knows she faces a tough ask to repeat in the Middle East up against some of the world's best women.

"I'm expecting a very fierce race, just like Bahrain. Jodie Swallow, Daniela Ryf, Alicia Kaye, Meredith Kessler, Heather Wurtele and so many others are just world class, I expect them to bring their best and I'm glad to be in a position where I can bring mine.

"I'm fully expecting Ryf and Kaye to be a factor in the race from the beginning especially the bike leg. They are exceptionally strong riders, arguably two of the best and the race dynamics will be effected by this," said Frederiksen.

Both fields will ensure epic racing held under the 20m drafting rule that was implemented at Challenge Bahrain.

You can catch all the live action from 6.30am GST at www.challengedubai.com? In addition race updates will be provided through Twitter
@challenge_dubai and #ChallengeDubai.

Challenge Dubai takes place on Friday, February 27th. For further information, visit www.challenge-dubai.com.

Challenge Dubai Men's Pro Start List

Race No Name Surname Country
1 Michael Raelert DEU
3 Tim Reed AUS
4 James Cunnama RSA
5 Eneko Llanos ESP
6 Massimo Cigana ITA
8 Javier Gomez ESP
10 Terenzo Bozzone NZL
11 Luke McKenzie AUS
12 Andy Potts USA
13 Pete Jacobs AUS
14 Bart Aernouts BEL
15 Leon Griffin AUS
16 Brad Kahlefeldt AUS
17 Ritchie Nicholls GBR
18 Rasmus Petræus DEN
19 Paul Ambrose AUS
20 Till Schramm AUT
21 Michael Weiss AUT
23 Per Bittner DEU
24 Domenico Passuello ITA
26 Markus Fachbach DEU
27 Filip Ospaly CZE
28 Horst Reichel DEU
29 Ruedi Wild SUI
31 Joe Gambles AUS
32 Maurice Clavel DEU
33 Trevor Wurtele CAN
34 Giulio Molinari ITA
36 Mauro Baertsch SUI
37 Hervé Banti MON
38 Niels Brandt-Jørgensen DEN
39 Fraser Cartmell GBR
40 Balazs Csoke HUN
41 Robert Duncan USA
42 Nicolas Fernandez FRA
43 Olivier Godart LUX
44 Daniel Halksworth GBR
45 Mikita Hryhoryeu POL
46 Martin Jensen DEN
48 Matthias Knossalla DEU
49 Manuel Küng SUI
50 Patrick Lange DEU
51 Markus Liebelt DEU
52 David McNamee GBR
53 Michael Murphy AUS
54 Evgeniy Nikitin RUS
55 Gilian Oriet SUI
56 David Pleše SVK
57 Josh Rix AUS
58 Michael Ruenz DEU
60 Joe Skipper GBR
62 Jan Van Berkel SUI
63 Eric Watson AUS
64 Lukasz Wojt POL
65 Rafael Wyss SUI
66 Ivan Rana ESP
67 Paul Matthews AUS
68 Richie Cunningham AUS
69 Victor Del Corral ESP
110 Igor Amorelli BRA
111 Allan Steen Olesen DEN
112 Matt Franklin NZL
113 Jens Petersen-Bach DEN
114 Milosz Sowinski POL
115 Will Clarke GBR
117 Jonathan Ciavatella ITA
118 Ben Collins USA
119 Jonas Bergkvist SWE

Challenge Dubai Women's Pro Start List

Race No Name Surname Country
70 Helle Frederiksen DEN
71 Jodie Swallow GBR
72 Annabel Luxford AUS
75 Camilla Pederson DEN
76 Meredith Kessler USA
77 Daniela Ryf SUI
79 Yvonne van Vlerken NED
80 Leanda Cave GBR
81 Michelle Vesterby DEN
82 Heather Wurtele CAN
83 Anja Beranek DEU
84 Eva Wutti DEU
85 Deirdre Casey IRL
87 Svenja Bazlen DEU
88 Svetlana Blazevic SRB
89 Lauren Brandon USA
91 Susie Cheetham GBR
92 Dimity-Lee Duke AUS
93 Caio Ferreira BRA
94 Alice Hector GBR
95 Alicia Kaye USA
96 Jenny Nilsson SWE
97 Daniela Saemmler DEU
98 Alena Stevens GBR
102 Indre Barkute LTU
World Paratriathlon Events kick off
12:00:00 AM ITU News
Article courtesy of the International Paralympic Committee France’s Yannick Bourseaux showed exactly why he is a two-time world champion, winning the Buffalo City ITU World Paratriathlon event in South Africa on Sunday (1 March); his first race back after major injury. On a successful day for French athletes, which saw them secure four podium positions, 40-year-old Bourseaux led the way in the men’s PT4 race. Lying in third after the opening swim, and trailing leader George Peasgood of Great Britain by more than two minutes, Bourseaux put himself in contention for the win with a superb cycle which put him within 25 seconds of first place. He then delivered the second fastest run of the day to top the podium with an overall time of 1:06.21. Peasgood had to settle for second (1:08.17) whilst Bourseaux’s teammate Yan Guanter (1:10.05) was third. “1st victory of the season today #HAPPY,” Bourseaux tweeted after victory. France’s second win of the day came in the men’s PT2 race courtesy of Stephane Bahier (1:16.54). Fastest in both the swim and the cycle, Bahier dropped some time on the run but still comfortably topped the podium ahead of the British duo of Andrew Lewis (1:19.41) and Ryan Taylor (1:20.11). Great Britain and Spain also enjoyed a successful day of racing with multiple gold medallists, as well. Spaniards Eva Maria Moral Pedrero (1:57.55) took home top honours in the women’s PT1, as did Rakel Mateo Uriarte (1:49.50) in the women’s PT2. Great Britain’s Rhiannon Henry (1:11.46) secured victory in the women’s PT5, while Clare Cunningham (GBR) kicked off her season with a win in women’s PT4. Italy topped the podium in the men’s PT1 race through Giovanni Achenza (1:12.52). Second after the swim, the Italian was nearly four minutes faster than his rivals in the cycle and cemented victory with the fastest time in the run. Spain’s Jose Vicente Arzo Diago (1:18.56) was second and South Africa’s Anton Swanepoel (1:20.57) third. Sunday’s other winners included South Africa’s Dylan Da Silva (1:21.03) in the men’s PT3 and Slovenia’s Alen Kobilica (1:12.54) the men’s PT5. Thirty nine athletes from 12 countries competed in the season opener. Athletes will now gear up for the next ITU World Paratriathlon event that takes place at Sunshine Coast, Australia on 13 March. Triathlon will make its debut, alongside canoe, at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games between 7-18 September which will feature 22...
Paratriathletes to watch this year
12:00:00 AM ITU News
This year’s World Paratriathlon Event circuit is more important than ever as qualification for paratriathlon’s debut at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics ramps up. A total of 10 events are on the circuit, starting on March 1 in Buffalo City, South Africa and touching down on every continent before concluding in Chicago with the World Championships. In addition to racking up points to punch a ticket to the Windy City in September, paratriathletes will begin securing points for Rio qualification at the Iseo – Franciacorta ITU World Paratriathlon Event. All of the WPE races from then until June 30, 2016 will serve as critical races to synch up one of the 60 available spots. While six sport classes will debut in Rio, WPE races will feature all 10 sport classes. Here’s who to watch this paratriathlon season. Women’s PT1 Up until last year, there was one major player in the women’s PT1 sport class – Great Britain’s Jane Egan. The three-time World Champ and four-time European queen attempted a fourth title in Edmonton last year, but her gold medal haul came to a halt when the USA’s Kendall Gretsch garnered gold. Despite just one season under her belt competing, the American destroyed the field by more than five minutes. Gretsch’s teammates Mary Catherine Callahan and Diana Helt have also been picked to perform this year. Men’s PT1 The talented Bill Chaffey (AUS) was notably missing from the PTI World Championship lineup last year after suffering broken bones in his pelvis that derailed his chance to collect a fifth world title. But nothing keeps this Aussie down for long. Look for him to be back in action and better than ever this season. Chaffey’s stiffest competition is likely to come from Krige Schabort (USA), who finished not far behind Chaffey at the World Championships two years ago and stepped up last year to take his first world title in Chaffey’s absence. An accomplished hand cyclist, Jetze Plat made the jump to triathlon with success two years ago, so look for this Dutch star to add to the competition. The rivalry will no doubt heat up even more with a Paralympic berth on the line. Women’s PT2 Another newcomer to triathlon, Nora Hansel quickly made a name for herself as one to watch. The German won all of her races in her debut season last year, including the World Championships, taking the title away from defending champion Hailey Danisewicz. Melissa Stockwell took a break from racing last year to become a mother, but all...
Who to watch in the 2015 season
12:00:00 AM ITU News
Today we continue highlighting the 2015 ITU season by highlighting the athletes that are likely to shake things up this year. The World Triathlon Series gets underway with World Triathlon Abu Dhabi on Saturday, March 7. Tune in live at triathlonlive and follow us on twitter @Triathlonlive for play by play updates. Back in action: While the men’s reigning Olympic champ has endured injuries that rendered him to the sidelines much of the last two years, the word on the street is that Alistair Brownlee has enjoyed a solid winter of training. And if Alistair put in work these last few months, that means younger brother Jonathan Brownlee reaped the benefits of a healthy world class training partner. Conclusion? That ole Gomez vs. Brownlee rivalry just got exciting all over again in a big kind of way. Return of the medallists: Speaking of Olympic champs back in action, expect Nicola Spirig to mix it up in a few more triathlons this year. While her season is to be determined, when Spirig is lined up, look out. And to continue on the Olympic medallists thread, Lisa Norden is looking like she’s in the hunt for Rio, as well. After stepping up to longer distances and suffering from a foot injury, Norden is back to training with the coach that got her to Olympic silver. Bronze medallist Erin Densham is on the start list for the Mooloolaba World Cup, so here’s hoping these ladies are all back in form. Red hot: It goes without saying that Gwen Jorgensen and Javier Gomez Noya had stellar years in 2014. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, don’t expect the World Champions to slow down anytime soon. They are the ones to chase this year and will no doubt be up for the challenge. Stepping it up: Last year saw some major performances from the likes of Mario Mola, Richard Murray, Joao Pereira, Vincent Luis, Sarah True (nee Groff), and Kirsten Sweetland to name a few. Add in the always consistent Andrea Hewitt and Emma Moffatt, as well as Commonwealth Games champ Jodie Stimpson, and they make up a sizable group of WTS athletes that stepped up their ante last year and could just change the game in 2015.   Outside smoke: Women’s racing could see some big shake downs this year with some star players appearing to be back in form. Paula Findlay looked especially promising towards the end of last year. Training with none other but the studly Siri Lindley, a world champion turned coach to world champs, Findlay has more WTS wins than any other woman other than...
Triathlon New Zealand seeking National Talent Programme Coach
12:00:00 AM ITU News
Triathlon New Zealand is seeking a driven and progressive coach with a passion for talent development to lead the National Talent Programme to achieve sustainable international success towards the 2020 Tokyo and 2024 Olympic Games. Background Tri NZ is the governing body for the sport of Triathlon in New Zealand, including a High Performance Programme (Tri NZ HP) with a vision to provide a high performance environment that produces athletes who can win medals consistently at the Olympic Games and major international events. Tri NZ HP is rigorously pursuing a “2020 HP Plan”, including a commitment to prioritise athlete talent development, through a structured and progressive development pathway to ensure programme sustainability by systematically and regularly identifying and supporting young athletes who show potential to podium at Olympics and World Championships. To that aim, a National Talent Programme (NTP) was launched during 2014, already engaging with well over 100 young athletes and several dozen coaches. The NTP includes a National Talent Squad (NTS; which meets regularly for training and competition, with additional support through Sport NZ’s Pathway to Podium Programme) and Regional Youth Academies (RYAs; with Lead Coaches in 5 regions around the country). The Role In leading the NTP, the National Talent Development Coach is fundamental to Tri NZ HP achieving sustainable success. The role oversees the identification and development of appropriately talented Youth and Junior athletes, and supports their coaches, to ensure regular progression of athletes to the High Performance Squads. Specifically, the Coach coaches the NTS and National Junior Teams, supports NTS athletes and their coaches in training at home, and coordinates the RYAs. The National Talent Coach works alongside the High Performance Coaching and Performance Support teams, primarily based at the National High Performance Centre in Cambridge. Domestic and international travel are both required. Applications Applications should be sent to High Performance Administrator, Maree Kaati (hpadmin@triathlon.kiwi) by midday on Monday 9 March, including cover letter addressing the key points of experience in the Person Specification and a current CV. Interviews are anticipated during the week beginning Monday 16 March. Further enquiries are welcome to the High Performance Director, Graeme Maw (graeme.maw@triathlon.kiwi).
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