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  • December 11

  • KAR This forum is usually slow after race season, looks like everyone has gone into hibernation. Lets see if someone is out there...Hello!!!...I had a visitor from my past pay a visit, and now I can get rid of them. That's right, plantar fasciitis. It came back sometime in mid October, so I had to stop running. I did the half IM on November. Bike went really well, just under 3 hours for 56 miles, considering it was real windy. I taped my foot real good in T2 and shuffled/stumbled/plodded/ and limped a 2:40 half marathon. I was OK with that, considering I hadn't run in a few weeks. Next up, a half marathon in Weston on Dec.9. I've done 'em before on very little training, but that was a carry-over from IM training. But I've never done one being out of shape AND injured.I had no idea of the suffering I was in for...Race morning was normal. Foot taped up rock solid, game plan was to start out slow, relax, go easy, finish, enjoy post race. At 10k, I was just under one hour. Shortly after, that's when everything came unraveled. I felt like I was going in slow motion. Every stride felt like someone was driving a nail into my right heel, and started a limp. At about mile 8, my left knee started hurting, probably from dragging my right leg. I thought about dropping out. I started shuufling, I was being passed alot, and there was nothing I could do about it. At about mile 11, both groin muscles were hurting. I was a train wreck. Just beofre the last turn before the the finish was a small group cheering on everybody. When I got to them, they looked at me in stone silence, mouth open. One of them said "you OK?" I turned the last corner and headed to the finish line, and the last thing I needed was someone taking my picture..I crossed the finish line and kept walking, got to my truck, changed clothes and drove the slow road home. I couldn't wait to get out of there...
    about 6 years ago
    • KARcontinued... I think I finished in about 2:25 or so. I listened to Norah Jones on the way home and did some serious reflecting. I want to make sure there is a silver lining to such a poor performance. I made a few vows, which I won't share here, except one and that is to say that I'll NEVER let myself get to a point so low. What was I thinking?? And just how much counseling do I need?!... I'm going to forget the next couple of races, so the next one will be in Miramar on Jan 19th. Then prep begins for the next tri season. Yahoo!!... Hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays. Happy Hanukkah! Lots of cool tri toys out, hopefully Santa remembers everybody. Have a Safe and Happy New Year.
      10:58 AM December 11
  • October 30

  • Spirit of 1989 to all the tribe members but especially edad,yellowcake and kar-thanks for all the chat and help prior to the race-it was a good'un. Im even thinking of the aquabike next year!!!-good swim- fair/easy bike-mega hard run from 9 miles -but thats ultra racing eh?even got a glass because i apparently won my age group- next year im 50 so a whole new bunch of fellas to race with, cant wait! great to meet you e-dad, sorry i missed you for a winter of long and easy rides,runs and swims everybody...enjoy. thanks to somer sports it was great
    about 6 years ago
  • October 25

  • theforge Where are the freaking pictures? I can't navigate that website. All I find is some place where you put your name email and number and you get told you will be notified when your pictures are ready. Aren't they supposed to be up now?
    about 6 years ago
  • October 21

  • KAR Congratulations to all who made it across the finish line!! It was a LONG and GRUELING and you've earned your finishers medal. Now put your bike and swim goggles away and get ready for the running season!
    about 7 years ago
    • yellowcakeWhat an awesome race! Absolutely loved the courses - all of them! I had a huge fan club, my wonderful family, who cheered BIG time throughout the race. I took it super easy on the bike because I was really worried about the heat (for us northerners...) and it paid off in spades on the run. The volunteers were 'over the top awesome' and always ready to help. The best part of this race is the multiple bike and run loops. You get to see so many people and really feel like you're part of a big race. This was my first iron distance and a truly incredible experience. Thanks to everyone who made this possible! And special thanks to the Iron Cowboy who asked if the '52' on my calf was an error. Shouldn't it be 25? Yeah...made my day :-).
      6:50 PM October 22
    • EnduradadCongrats! Floridia is really a nice place to be on October!
      Spirit also got 1st in his A.G.
      2:43 PM October 23
    • KARYellowcake, it was an unbelievable day wasn't it?! It's OK to have that big smile on your face, it's going to be there awhile!! When you watch the Hawaii IM, you can get emotional watching the ag finshers cross the finish, you know what it's like! ... Congrats to you, too, E-Dad!! Great job!
      9:42 AM October 24
  • October 15

  • Welcome theforge
    about 7 years ago
  • October 14

  • KAR Just a couple of important items to pass along before the Big Dance. By now, this race had better be in the forefront of your thinking. Mental preparation, race visualization. Be sure to have a plan and stick with it, no matter what. It's tempting, when you feel good after the swim, then as your flying down Cherry Lake Rd, to overdo it on the bike. Slow down, then back off a bit more!! Remember, you're setting yourself up for the marathon... Don't worry about Sugarloaf. I believe it's a half mile long, at 7 percent at it's steepest. There is a slight downhill leading into it, but that's after a sharp turn. Pay attention to Jalarmey Road. It's a short climb, but there is also a sharp, hidden turn that won't give you much momentum before going up it. It's just a pain in the ass...Lastly, stick to the plan that got you this far. Don't throw it away on race day. Don't worry about your time, no one cares, only that you made it across the finish line. Good luck to all of you, and remember John Collins quote: "Swim 2.4 miles. bike 112 miles, then run a marathon, all in one day. Then brag for the rest of your life."
    about 7 years ago
  • October 12

  • Spirit of 1989 cheers edad see you later next week
    about 7 years ago
  • October 08

  • Spirit of 1989 only got 1 more really big session-20 mile run Weds morning- then I can look forward to the nice weather-E-Dad whats the sketch with the swim has the weather been really hot there and caused the lake temp to rise? Im a bit concerned as im a fair bit slower in the water without my wetsuit???
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadAlmost every year at GFT has been wet-suit legal.
      The current night temps are mid 60's and the rain that came through should also keep it cool.
      Sometimes the lake has some chop from the lake affect winds.
      10:11 AM October 08
    • Spirit of 1989all the training is now done!!! ran 2:55 this morning over the sand dunes and woodland trails. just some faster stuff now then use a wolfgang deitrich quote(got to be read with a german accent!!!) "I make my race and in a few hours we will see" Im so looking forward to it now hope everyone else is in good order
      8:36 AM October 10
    • Spirit of 1989E-dad, can I borrow your EZ button for the race please?
      8:38 AM October 10
    • yellowcakeme too!!
      10:40 AM October 10
    • yellowcakehow much sun is there on the bike course? what about the run course?
      10:41 AM October 10
    • Spirit of 1989im hoping there will be loads of sun-we recently had a ufo report when the sun came out ...ho ho ho...judging from the photos it all looks nice. might not come home with white legs!!!
      3:09 PM October 10
  • October 07

  • KAR Glad to hear that everyone is conscious of their surroundings, re contagions, viruses, etc. It CAN wreck your race, IF you let it. Be extra vigilant and stay away from anyone with sniffles, a cough, a sneeze. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer and use frequently if you must. You can pick up "something" from another cell phone, atm machines, computer keyboards, door handles, gas pump handles, etc. PLEASE be very careful! Yellowcake, get well in a hurry! Let the taper works its magic, rest and re-build. All of the long, hard work is over, take it easy and focus on race day.
    about 7 years ago
    • Spirit of 1989Hi KAR nice to hear from you I hope youre keeping well I must admit im struggling with the taking it easy bit but I always do
      2:44 AM October 08
    • yellowcakeThanks! I'm really working on getting lots of sleep, eating well and drinking LOTS of fluids. Feeling a little better.
      10:40 AM October 10
  • October 05

  • Spirit of 1989 Hi-Edad we fly over on the 13th Oct. Theres eleven of us in the party now so i wont be short of support !!-Yellowcake what part of Italy were you in? I did a weeks training camp in trentino in July it was truly beautiful although the dolomite climbs were painfully long. Its been a difficult week here with night shifts and the subsequent tiredness but hopefully the weather will be kind on sunday for my last big brick
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadWith that many I'm sure you have your own chartered private jet.
      Are you shipping your bike or taking it on flight?
      5:22 AM October 06
    • yellowcakeI was in Umbria. It was gorgeous. The weather was perfect. Short rides, but very hilly - - very long climbs - like miles and miles of climbing.......
      7:14 PM October 07
    • yellowcakestruggling with a sore throat right first I thought it was jet lag and dehydration from the long flights, but's a flu of some sort. Need to get rid of this!
      7:16 PM October 07
    • Spirit of 1989Im taking my bike on the flight, so on friday I'll spend a few hours packing it properly then fingers crossed !!! Had my last big brick yesterday 105 miles hilly with an 8 mile tempo run afterwards. the run felt good even though I probably went at it a bit hard(1 min per mile faster than race pace) but id been watching crowies training day on you tube on saturday. hey ho
      2:43 AM October 08
  • October 01

  • Spirit of 1989 EDad-had a bit of a disaterous weekend-had a good friday 4 k swim and 111 miles of intervals then saturday came and I was struck down by some kind of viral thingy. I was really wiped out so had an enforced 2 days off. Did 75 hilly miles on the bike with about 750 metres of climbing in just over 4 hours. I felt wiped out at the end so Im hoping im going to be over this soon.Ive got night duty for the next 3 shifts and Im in my last training week so could do without it. How are you going along?
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadI sure hope you get rested & recover quicky. It's time to take it easy, but I've never met an IM that could do that well.
      5:32 AM October 02
    • EnduradadAfter years of training and several IM's I still have not come up with a good taper plan!
      I know the simple rule of 3 weeks out do half/then half and then off, but I can't get my mind to accept that.
      This is also the time of year I get scared of anyone who coughs .
      7:43 AM October 02