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  • October 01

  • Spirit of 1989 EDad-had a bit of a disaterous weekend-had a good friday 4 k swim and 111 miles of intervals then saturday came and I was struck down by some kind of viral thingy. I was really wiped out so had an enforced 2 days off. Did 75 hilly miles on the bike with about 750 metres of climbing in just over 4 hours. I felt wiped out at the end so Im hoping im going to be over this soon.Ive got night duty for the next 3 shifts and Im in my last training week so could do without it. How are you going along?
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadI sure hope you get rested & recover quicky. It's time to take it easy, but I've never met an IM that could do that well.
      5:32 AM October 02
    • EnduradadAfter years of training and several IM's I still have not come up with a good taper plan!
      I know the simple rule of 3 weeks out do half/then half and then off, but I can't get my mind to accept that.
      This is also the time of year I get scared of anyone who coughs .
      7:43 AM October 02
  • September 27

  • Spirit of 1989 Hi E-Dad doing ok this week but the weathers not weve had constant heavy rain so most of my training has been on the turbo trainer. running is going ok at the moment and the swimming is ticking over. looking forward to getting out there and having the sun on my back for a change. Hows your training going?
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadThings are going pretty well.
      Today I'm just stretching and resting up for weekend. This should be my last hard 3 day set. (please note: my hard is your EZ).
      Next weekend I'll run a 1/2 Marathon with my oldest daughter, thne start tapering.
      5:28 AM September 27
    • EnduradadJust checked; 90's in Clermont for high. mid 70's for low.
      5:32 AM September 27
    • Spirit of 1989Bit of a disaster this morning the pool was closed for a refurb so no long swim today. Ill have to drive to another pool for a session tommorow. But this afternoon is a 3 x 20 min turbo session at 10-15 beats per minute above race pace!!! If my wife comes home from work and finds me slumped over mt tribars unconscious let her know what happened!!!Ha ha ha ha
      6:31 AM September 27
    • EnduradadI know that feeling. They close our indoor pool the first week of Sept. every year.
      If she finds you that way I hope it's like me and you're taking a nap.
      10:27 AM September 27
  • September 20

  • Spirit of 1989 E-Dad-weather here has been cool too, not good cool either!! Im hoping to be doing a ride thursday afternoon before the race to scope out the dreaded sugarloaf mtn. what time is your treatment? Mine is with MSP Therapy on Monday, they were recommended by NTC. Got a swim and a run today I did 3 1/2 hrs turbo yesterday in my conservatory with my winter gear on it was 100 deg so trying to get acclimatised before I get there !!!
    about 7 years ago
  • September 19

  • Spirit of 1989 Hi Everyone only 31 days left !!!! Where did that time go? E-Dad Sue says Hi and she's got it covered !! whatever that means...Anyway, good weekend? I did a ride to an openwater swim on Saturday but the water was so cold(11 deg celcius) that I only did 1K before my asthma started and I had to get out. Sunday I managed a 6 mile run with no pain so on the upswing with that...What did you get up to?
    about 7 years ago
  • September 14

  • yellowcake I'm starting to feel like I can really do this Ironman thing. I had a Half Iron this past Sunday to test my Ironman paces and placed 2nd in my Age Group with a PR (6:25)! I was super worried about my bike pace, and this course was fairly flat, but I managed a 17mph pace, so I'm stoked. I intentionally held back on the run for the first half (to practice Ironman Pace) and then slowly picked up the pace and finished strong! Great Day. I have a big weekend (3.5 hr run on Saturday and 6.5 hour bike on Sunday), then next week I leave for a 2 week cycling vacation in Italy. I hope to continue the bike and run training while on vacation (swim will be tough to do, but I hope to find somewhere to swim a couple times at least). Here's hoping my vacation does not unravel all my training for GFT.
    about 7 years ago
  • September 11

  • Spirit of 1989 Hi E-Dad, im doing ok apart from a recurrent calf issue that is causing me run problems. Im hoping to have it sorted by this weekend so back on trac with that. Did a 200k bike ride on Sunday with a group of local pro bikies..ended up doing the last 50k in under an hour team time trial style.. The thing is i was hanging on for dear life over the mountains in the middle of the ride...but when we hit the flats and rollers on the way back my tri-bike showed its true worth..I didnt do my transition run cause of the calf thing but I think itll come together on the day how about you?
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadI have not been on my bike for a couple weeks. I'm working a lot of overtime. I've put a lot of running miles in and should be back on bike Friday.
      Overall I'm happy with where I'm at.
      My goal is to finish, and then cheer for the last finsiher (which maybe me).
      Back in 2001 I had my PR and placed 5th A.G.
      Now I know I'm older and slower so I just have fun.
      Looking forward to meeting you and your family.
      3:48 PM September 11
  • September 09

  • KAR I had planned on quietly slipping away from the forum, hoping to go unnoticed, but that just wouldn't be the right thing to do. We've been talking back and forth on this forum for quite awhile. I have finally come to terms with this, but after 12 years of IM training and racing, it's time for me to take a break. I just can't get my head and heart into it this year. I have posted earlier where I was having trouble getting motivated, but hoping to shake it off. I believe last years devastating illness during taper has also played into it. The best that can happen is, I'll take this year off, and come back next year, motivated and hungry.. I have a Miami Man (half Iron Tri-) on Nov. 11, so that has become my "A" race, and training has been reconfigured around it...So, my schedule for the remainder is: Sprint tri Oct. 14, Half IM in Miami Nov. 11, Thanksgiving Day 5k somewhere, Weston Half marathon in Dec., Parkland 5miler, also in Dec. and Miramar/Pines 10k in Jan. And so on...I have also started signing up for tri's for next year... In the mean time, I'll stay on this forum, and post if I think I may have some useful info, or be of help to someone... Train safe everyone!!
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadI know what you're saying. I remember how fun it was to have the adventure of the first few IM races.
      Do keep in touch.
      6:23 AM September 10
    • Spirit of 1989Hey KAR-Im really sorry to hear that.I was really looking forward to seeing you at GFT. I Know how hard it can be and a rest from Ironman competition is always good for your head. Ive had six years off so dont leave it that long eh? Look after yourself
      5:44 AM September 11
  • September 06

  • Spirit of 1989 Hey - Edad-Im looking forward to it myself-last four weeks graft coming up-With your experience I wouldnt worry too much about falling behind
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadToday I started to "feel it!" and I'm sure those of you doing it are about to.
      On the track today it felt fun to play with extra speed and to know the miles were goiong by quick and easy.
      Hope the rest of you are enjoying the journey!
      6:21 AM September 06
    • Spirit of 1989I certainly felt it at the end of my long run yesterday-It was 16 miles through the sand dunes and it felt like id had my legs hit with hammers. It feels like a long time since the miles went past quick and easy for me!!
      10:53 AM September 06
  • September 04

  • Spirit of 1989 Hey KAR long time no hear hows it going?
    about 7 years ago
  • September 02

  • yellowcake Does anyone have a garmin map of the bike course? or a gpx file of the bike course?
    about 7 years ago
    • Spirit of 1989Hi Yellowcake its on map my ride theres a link somewhere further down this thread
      9:26 AM September 02
    • yellowcakeThat's probably the one I put out there (mapmyride). Apparently mapmyride doesn't play well with Power Tap (my cycleops computer), so I'm having difficulty comparing my training rides to the actual race course. I'm struggling with the hills and think I may have a training course that is much harder than the race course, so may need to scale it back a bit. Would help if I had something that uses training peaks, cycleops or garmin.
      2:33 PM September 02
    • Spirit of 1989Sorry about that Im a bit low tech with my training,no power meters etc..Ive just been doing lots of long hard rides and hope that'll be enough for the bike course
      11:26 AM September 03
  • August 28

  • Spirit of 1989 To all the people in New Orleans and the surrounding area. Stay safe over the next few days eh?
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadThis should be my hardest and longest weekend, but they are predicting lots of rain.
      3:23 PM August 29
    • EnduradadWell it's a wash out. All four days. Hope everyone else made it count.
      9:14 AM September 03
    • Spirit of 1989Saturday was a social ride with the lads-40 miles with a cafe stop and a big burn up for the last 10 miles or so (30 MPH)-Sunday was 100.5 miles hard with 4 mile transition run-Started out in the rain but finished in the sun-Monday was 4.5k swim and a 9 mile run in the sand dunes near home, then today 2 1/2 hr hill session on bike. What did you get done e-dad?
      8:51 AM September 04