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The GFT Tribe
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  • August 28

  • Spirit of 1989 To all the people in New Orleans and the surrounding area. Stay safe over the next few days eh?
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadThis should be my hardest and longest weekend, but they are predicting lots of rain.
      3:23 PM August 29
    • EnduradadWell it's a wash out. All four days. Hope everyone else made it count.
      9:14 AM September 03
    • Spirit of 1989Saturday was a social ride with the lads-40 miles with a cafe stop and a big burn up for the last 10 miles or so (30 MPH)-Sunday was 100.5 miles hard with 4 mile transition run-Started out in the rain but finished in the sun-Monday was 4.5k swim and a 9 mile run in the sand dunes near home, then today 2 1/2 hr hill session on bike. What did you get done e-dad?
      8:51 AM September 04
  • August 26

  • Spirit of 1989 I reckon everyone is going to be flying come race day cause its gone really quiet which must mean.......everyone is hammering in the miles.....Im growing a set of gills like my pet goldfish. 97.5miles in the rain today followed by a short transition run. what are you all up to??
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadGood morning! Sorry to hear about the rain.
      I've been doing ok so far, but have not had a chance to bump up my training to final level. To many hours of over-time.
      I'm running tubulars on my bike. I need something to hold more air pressure. My gears for GFT are 12-28 range. It makes the hills much easier.
      Don't forget you'll need sunscreen for race day. One of our pre-race events will need to be a group WalMart shopping trip.
      6:43 AM August 28
    • Spirit of 1989Im pretty lucky really, depending on how you look at it, we dont have overtime in my job....
      Ive decided to use my usual set up- Zipp 404's with vittoria cx crono tubulars.. Im probably bringing 2 cassettes with me-12-25 and 11-23. Ill decide on a ride round the course which one ill use but knowing me it'll be the 11-23.
      As for the sunscreen....already bought along with new race kit.. i only need to but my visor now...I usually use a cap but methinks itll be a bit warm for that!....Dont tell my wife about the shopping she'll be all over it!!
      6:25 PM August 28
    • Spirit of 1989just another one whats peoples preferences for lids-aero or regular road? Im using my aero ...probably!!!
      6:27 PM August 28
    • yellowcakeBig Brick this past weekend - 8.5 hours. For the bike, it was 80 hilly miles - Garmin says I did over 4,000 ft. elevation, while MapMyRide shows 2,120 ft. elevation with two cat 5 climbs. So averaged about 14 mph on bike. Run was 13 hilly miles. Here's hoping I can get that bike speed up to a minimum of 15mph and that the hills I'm training on are harder than those in the race (which I hear are pretty tough). Felt great after the workout - although the legs are definitely talking back to me (in choose to interpret that as, the muscles getting bigger).
      2:12 PM August 29
    • EnduradadYou sound like you're on track.
      Spirit, I would love to run my 11-23, but in the past we did course opposite direction which meant to much headwind. When you do bike course try and check that also. With the current direction we just might have a good tailwind where you could use the 11.
      3:30 PM August 29
  • August 24

  • Spirit of 1989 I agree work is a pain in the proverbial..Ive got nights coming up sunday monday and tuesday so Next week is going to be a balancing act...stones anyone???? By the way what bikes are you all riding,what about your tyre/wheel choices. Now theres a great topic for discussion
    about 7 years ago
  • August 20

  • yellowcake Enjoying the change in refreshing!
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadThe days are going away to fast!
      5:49 PM August 20
    • EnduradadStarting last 6 week set then 2 week taper taper.
      It's crunch time..
      6:17 AM August 23
  • August 19

  • Spirit of 1989 KAR- I did a race in 1989 and the day after there was report in the local newspaper that a farmers sheep had died after drinking the water!!!! Ive never had any punch ups in the water but your story sounds a bit hairy. Its the main reason I dont charge into the swim when the gun goes off....More Stones....not good carrying them on the swim either !!!
    about 7 years ago
    • KARSpirit, we have a venue here that has been hosting races since 1983. To this day, it smells like a possible broken sewer pipe under the water. The beach has been closed more than once due to high bacteria levels. But the smell seems to go away shortly after sunrise...Today was a LONG swim in the ocean. I forgot my watch, so I went from 40th street to the volleyball courts and back. The salt water really irritated my nose. Six mile run at 3pm, man it was HOT!!..
      9:43 PM August 19
  • Spirit of 1989 E-Dad- I tried the "more stones" thing today on a long run but they kept falling out my pockets and I had to keep stopping to pick them up, It slowed me down an awful lot. would it be better to carry them in a rucksac or some such device as theres no room in my fuelbelt for them........Ho Ho Ho.....This is what tiredness does to you !!!!!
    about 7 years ago
  • Spirit of 1989 How did the weekend's training go everyone?
    about 7 years ago
    • yellowcakeGreat Training Weekend!! Finally a weekend without 100 degree's and 100% humidity, it felt like FALL. I was really happy with my 75 mile bike ride on Saturday. Nutrition nailed and I felt great all day (okay, so it took me almost 6 hours, but I was hitting some challenging hills - and truth be told, I wasn't pushing hard, just wanted to see what 6 hours felt like). Sunday was a refreshing 10 mile run. Whew! Hard to believe that just 2 years ago I couldn't run more than 30 minutes at a time. BTW, what's the run course like?
      2:22 PM August 20
  • August 18

  • Spirit of 1989 Hi everyone-I know everyone just wants to get to the finish line in one piece-but.........what kind of times are you hoping for?? I know its a bit nosey but I was just interested
    about 7 years ago
    • KARJust the finish line for me. I'll be over 14 hours. I'm usually almost dfl(dead frickin' last) out of the swim. Bike around 7 hours, run/walk will be about 4:30-5:00. Throw in trans., there you are...Today, Saturday, was a planned 75 mile ride. I cut it to 45 miles. The wind really dragged me down. Followed up with a 3 mile run. Tomorrow is a late am ocean swim, hoping for one hour, then an 8 mile run before the pm t-storms kick in...Speaking of the swim, just a couple of GFT episodes if you don't mind. The '99 swim for me nearly turned into a fistfight, right there in the water. I touched the persons feet in front of me a couple of times. He took offense to it, and responded with a kick. He was aiming for my head but missed. Words were exchanged, but cooler heads prevailed. I saw him later on the course, walking his bike up Jalarmey road. Never saw him again. I think Ive told this one before, but a woman was on the losing end of a battle with a panic attack. I could hear her commenting out loud about "people too close" or something. Next thing you know, she jumped me and pulled me under. She thought she was going to drown. Scared the crap out of me, but the lifeguards were there in seconds. I hope she finished the race. Also, during the bike segment, I've seen people sitting in the grass, next to the road with their bikes, crying. When stuff like that happens, I figure it's just from a lack of preparation, or taking the race too lightly, and then reality sets in... I hope I'm not scaring first timers with this post, but the truth is, it's a LONG day, anything can happen. It's how you react to what the race throws at you. Besides, if Ironman were easy, everyone would be doing it!!
      4:19 PM August 18
    • EnduradadI'll be 15 My best at GFT is 13:28 but I was much younger then.
      Now I relax and enjoy the day.
      8:05 AM August 19
    • Spirit of 1989I have a number of different finish times in mind myself-

      1. Dream Time....a P.B..which is sub 9:38(I really cant see this happening but never the less..)
      2. Great Time.....Sub 10 hours (again I really cant see this happening cause i had a level 3 tear in my right calf earlier in the year)
      3. Good Time.....Sub 10:30 (the jury's still out on this one !!)
      4. Happy With It Time...Sub 11 Hours (Heres hoping eh)
      5. Self Respect Time..Sub 17 Hours (This is without doubt the most probable and likely outcome. given that none of us are getting any younger)
      1:20 PM August 19
    • yellowcakeI'm with KAR - just the finish line for me. This is my first Ironman distance, my Half Irons (three) have been in the 6:45 - 7:15 hr range (and they were flat bike courses). I have one more Half Iron in September. Swim should be okay, but a little worried about swim/bike cutoff since my tri-coach predicts my bike to be 8:45 right now (working hard to make that time signficantly shorter). The run 5-6 hours? I'd LIKE to finish under 16 hours, just don't know if that's possible right now, so for me, just finish with a smile on my face :).

      - - -and no worries, KAR, always better to be prepared and know what MAY happen.
      2:17 PM August 20
  • August 17

  • Spirit of 1989 Hi Everyone-E Dad Im up for some pre race activities how about a practice swim in minneola? or a loop of the bike course or a social run. I arrive in Fl on 13/10 and my only commitment apart from being designated driver for that week is a massage on monday afternoon. Ill do all the usual bits and bobs of my taper but it would be nice to meet some of you and do a bit of training together. Anyone else up for this?
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadI've found that a spin around the lake on Friday before I put my bike up is a fun way to stretch out.
      I'm not planning the lake swim, I sometimes get a sinus problem and I want to make sure I'm clear all that week.
      I will get to Clermont late Wed. so maybe I could work in a bike loop?
      I will be scheduling my massage for Thur. afternoon. I'll need it to recover from 14 hour drive down.
      5:31 AM August 17
  • August 15

  • KAR Yellowcake: reving up your metabolism?... Pre-race: a bagel, or pb & j sandwich, a can or two of Ensure, a banana, while and sipping Gatorade and water. During the bike, a gel every 20-30 minutes, Cytomax every 15 minutes, 1/2 banana at every aid station. Bananas for the cramp-busting potassium! In my jersey, I keep baggies of Cytomax to mix, and a pkg of Fig Newtons. More of same in the special needs bag, plus I'll throw in a couple of tubes and cartridges, just in case. Oh, and a hamburger form Burger King. I probably won't go near it, but if I'm having a bad day, it can wake up the taste buds. As for the heat, I use Thermatabs. Good for potassium, chloride and sodium. 900 mg every couple of hours does the trick. Run, start off with a gel or two, then whatever is on the run course. Agree with E-Dad: the chicken broth is like a miracle drug...Of course try all of this out in raining first!... A couple of tips: put a washcloth in the "run gear" bag. It really feels good to wipe your face with cold water after the bike. And GFT does NOT provide towels in the changing tent. For your "run special needs" put a change of socks, and an extra shirt. In 1999, a cold front came through on us late finishers, and the extra shirt I put in the bag kept me comfortable to the finish. More later...
    about 7 years ago
    • yellowcakeyep, on the metabolism front! Thanks for the run down on food. Sounds good. I will need to practice during training. I have a long brick in two weeks (75 mile bike; 13 mile run), so that will be a good opportunity to try some of the foods. Also, very good info on what to stash in my "special needs" bags. So what do you use to mix your Cytomax? water? do you get the water from the aid stations?
      1:56 PM August 15
    • KARYellowcake...hmm...I'm guessing you're either a nuclear physicist, or you have a thing for Zingers!...Yes, mix the Cytomax with water from the aid stations. Also, it feels good to dump cold water on your quads and calves during the bike. It really wakes them up. Give it a try on your next long ride...As for the Thermatabs, I get them at Wal-Mart. You have to ask the pharmacist for them...The only time my feet blister is here at the GFT. Could be from cycling sockless, then having my stride compromised from the bike. Put a blister remedy in your "run special needs" bag. There are also first aid staions on the run course.
      3:29 PM August 15
  • August 14

  • Spirit of 1989 Old and slow works for me these days too E-Dad !!! If I could just nail my post training recovery I think things would get easier. Still only 66 days to go has anyone else got any thoughts on KAR's post re nutrition plans. My main concern is the heat/humidity now. I think all the stuff you fellas are saying about youre weather this year has got me a bit nervous.
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadI use "endurolytes" for salt intake at GFT and they've worked well. Last time the heat was very high (I think around 94) and I went through about 6 caps and no cramping.
      I have changed to using Gatorade G-Series "01 Prime Fuel" pouch for bike. They seem to keep me going at a steady rate. (about 1 per hour) Also I try a "03 Recover" at special needs. It has some protien in it and it seems to help. I tend to stay with water for rest of intake because if I add sports dring I get congested.
      1:37 PM August 14
    • EnduradadAlso at T2 they offer de-fizzed coke which seems to work great. They offer chicken broth at night for run, same thing great stuff!
      Last year I actually tried de-fizzed Mt Dew and for me it was even better.
      1:40 PM August 14