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  • August 14

  • Spirit of 1989 Old and slow works for me these days too E-Dad !!! If I could just nail my post training recovery I think things would get easier. Still only 66 days to go has anyone else got any thoughts on KAR's post re nutrition plans. My main concern is the heat/humidity now. I think all the stuff you fellas are saying about youre weather this year has got me a bit nervous.
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadI use "endurolytes" for salt intake at GFT and they've worked well. Last time the heat was very high (I think around 94) and I went through about 6 caps and no cramping.
      I have changed to using Gatorade G-Series "01 Prime Fuel" pouch for bike. They seem to keep me going at a steady rate. (about 1 per hour) Also I try a "03 Recover" at special needs. It has some protien in it and it seems to help. I tend to stay with water for rest of intake because if I add sports dring I get congested.
      1:37 PM August 14
    • EnduradadAlso at T2 they offer de-fizzed coke which seems to work great. They offer chicken broth at night for run, same thing great stuff!
      Last year I actually tried de-fizzed Mt Dew and for me it was even better.
      1:40 PM August 14
  • August 11

  • KAR It's been a real tough week, starting last Sunday. Tough decision to put the dog down. Had her 13.5 years. I wished her a safe trip over the rainbow, then said good bye... Also having a hard time ramping up toward Black September. Motivation thing, but I'm trying to shake it off and move forward... Today, Saturday, was a 32 mile ride, followed up with a 3 mile run. Sunday will be a 12 mile run. I'm really thinking about moving the long run to Thursday. I'd rather run on fresh legs than dead legs. I mean, no one runs a marathon the day AFTER a 112 mile ride. They're done on the same day, so maybe long bricks are the way to go. Credit to Rock Cogar, a GFT original. He reasoned that since GFT is a long brick, so why not do long bricks in training. Building up to them, of course. Maybe I'll start making Sunday a short easy recovery ride, instead of a run. The bike sets up the run... and so on.
    about 7 years ago
    • KARReally sorry to see the Olympics go. Tomorrow are closing ceremonies. I think GB did a great job as host country. Some of the sports can be real boring to watch, but when your country is competing, suddenly it's interesting. Like kayaking. Would you ever dvr it, or stay awake just to catch it? Badminton? Olympics as a whole: unbelievable!!!... Hope everyones training is going well. Time to start nailing nutrition plans. For example: How many calories do you require per hour? How are you going to get them? Are you prepared for the heat, humidity? What is your pre race breakfast? What are you putting in your special needs bags? And so on...
      9:34 PM August 11
    • Spirit of 1989Hi KAR-Recovery day today-easy swim this morning and functional strength this evening. Im still tired from the weekend-I did a 16 mile run Saturday and 95 mile bike followed by 20 min jog yesterday. I agree that long bricks are the way to go.
      Started working on nutrition plan this weekend . I reckon I need about 400Kcal per hour on the bike/run and have been using gels to get the calories in going at about 1 gel every 20 min or so. on the run Im using a weak mix sports drink too.
      I am concerned about the heat/humidity so some of my turbo sessions are done in my conservatory which gets upto about 100 deg.
      Pre race breakfast is oats mixed with yoghurt and fruit same as always.
      Do you have any thoughts on salt tablets? I hear NUUN are good when its hot?
      6:51 AM August 13
  • August 09

  • Spirit of 1989 Everyone training well?
    about 7 years ago
  • Spirit of 1989 E-Dad-If only eh? Those boys are something else. To have the ability to push that hard and then push again is amazing. All of the pro's can do it its not an exclusive talent. I suppose thats what makes racing so fascinating to watch- Heres a quote for you- Racing is Life everything before or after is just waiting-Steve McQueen
    about 7 years ago
  • August 03

  • KAR This morning was a 45" ocean swim. Can't get into the boring lap sessions just yet. I live 8 miles from the ocean, so it's good to drive their and jump in. Water was choppy, amazing how that can tire you out more than the pool. Tonight, I'll mix up 6 bottles of Cytomax, in prep for a 70 mile endurance ride on Saturday, followed with a 3 mile run. "What you fear the most, want the most"- Bill Cosby
    about 7 years ago
  • Spirit of 1989 another piece from the poem If by Kipling that I think is apt for Athletes- If you can dream - and not make dreams your master; If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadLooking forward to both the physical and mental endevors to come!
      Bike ride this morning was great! 70
      10:10 AM August 04
  • Spirit of 1989 E-Dad this weekend is open water swim saturday morning and run saturday afternoon. very early 2 hr turbo Sunday morning for 2 hrs or so as Im helping with a Road Race at 09:30 then visiting family in the Lake District after that. I might even sneak an extra swim in the lake if I can keep my mums partner out of the pub!!!(I cant make any promises that I'll even try !)-Good Luck with the shoes eh. loads of talc is the way dont you think.
    about 7 years ago
  • Spirit of 1989 how about-If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!-Rudyard Kipling
    about 7 years ago
  • August 01

  • Spirit of 1989 Hey KAR hows this week going? and what about you Yellowcake and downtown? is it going according to plan?
    about 7 years ago
    • yellowcakeDoing good! Drove up to Ohio over the weekend to "crew" for my cousin who ran the Burning River 100 Mile Ultra Endurance Race (he finished in 23.5 hours). I managed to get a 5 hour bike ride in on Saturday and 2 hour run on Sunday. Rode twice this week. Monday I work on hill drills, trying to increase my power and Wednesday I do speed drills - trying to increase my indurance. Seeing small incremental progress :)
      11:30 AM August 02
    • Spirit of 1989Nice One mate keep it going eh
      6:37 AM August 03
  • July 31

  • Spirit of 1989 E-Dad-whats your plan for the build up? are you hitting the volume or the intensity or both?
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadI will take less days off and add some 2-a-days. I already have enough distance, and won't add intensity until Black September.
      Instead of picking a swim/bike/ or run.
      I'll run or bike mornings and add in as many evening swims as possible.
      How are you doing?
      7:17 AM August 01
    • Spirit of 1989Im doing ok thanks-Did my 10 mile interval run this morning but Im at work this afternoon so Itll be 3 hrs on the bike tomorrow then an open water swim in the evening. Ive decided to do 2 4 week blocks with a recovery week in the middle before my taper. Im still trying to get used to my new tri bike though so I found yesterdays threshold training really uncomfortable.I think I should have tried to get on it earlier in the year and test it out in some time trials but never mind eh.Incidentally where are you staying for the race?
      11:28 AM August 01
  • July 29

  • KAR I didn't get out on the bike Sat. morn til after 9am. As I'm heading down Glades Rd, I thought of E-Dad, who has probably biked 100 miles by now! For me, ride went OK, 19.3 avg. followed with a 3 mile run. HOT!! Sun was a scheduled 10 mile run, but was shortened to 8.5 miles. Used the heart rate monitor, kept the hr at avg. 134 bpm. I think the heat and the workout the day before had something to do with that... Everyone enjoying the Olympics?
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadWell I got in my bike, but not much else this weekend.
      I went to track this morning and got in 5 miles, but I'm really sore and tight.
      I'm looking forward to starting this next month.
      6:25 AM July 30
    • Spirit of 1989Hi Chaps-well done E-Dad I bet it feels great to get that century out of the way-KAR-I know tthat sore/tight feeling Ive got it myself at the moment. As for my weekend, well I did a cafe ride on saturday with the local roadies of about 45 miles then an easy jog in the afternoon . Sunday was hard though I ran 15 miles through the local sand dune trails and faded quite a bit at the end. started off at 7:30 pace and ended up at 8:45 pace. Its my longest run so far so I reckon its mission accomplished . This morning was a 5K swim in the pool and an easy turbo tonight after work at 10:00pm. Im hoping for a dry day tomorrow so I can do my bike intervals on the road. The olympics is ok so far apart from the negative riding from the ausies in the road race.Looking forward to the Tri though, any thoughts on results?
      10:27 AM July 30