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Action in the Huts
  • April 10

  • Natalie TriFlorida/Sommer Sports Events What tips would you give a first timer for a Sprint Triathlon?
    about 6 months ago
  • Natalie has joined TriFlorida/Sommer Sports Events
    about 6 months ago
  • Natalie Signed up for the Sprint Triathlon on May 11. First one ever.
    about 6 months ago
  • December 11

  • Slowesttwitch created the group Discount - Corerecoverysuit
    about 10 months ago
  • Slowesttwitch created the group [AS:JOURNALINFO:GROUPNAMELINK]
    about 10 months ago
  • October 18

  • KAR The GFT Tribe Hi E-Dad and Taz!!! Hey Dad, how was the B2B?... I follow GFT on twitter, it's really looking like no wetsuits this year, water temp is over 80 degrees... I already have 2014 in the back of my mind. Missed the last three years due to a bad cold race week, plantar fasciitis, and just plain lack of motivation. I concentrated on smaller local races this year. I'm entered in the Florida Challenge next March, so I'll hold off on a GFT decision til after then. But I'm really hungry for one last shot at it... Good luck to all GFT participants tomorrow, make it memorable!!! Anyone know if St. Pete Mad Dogs are still there?
    a year ago
    • EnduradadRace was great. VERY cold though, I hate cold. race start was 38 and as soon as sun set went back down fast.
      trying to plan what to do next year?
      If up to me GFT, but family wants to go some where new.

      please someone give an update on race for this year.
      10:54 AM October 28
  • SVS OK, as a past/present "TRIBE" member, I wish everyone a very safe event!! I'll be sitting by the roadside, as you cycle by, applauding your efforts. If you think it's me, just yell out "TAZ"!! No prizes, but it will keep you on your toes. HINT... What color is a pumpkin? ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH? MORE STONES!! The "TRIBE" battle cries! TAZ
    a year ago
  • October 17

  • Enduradad Slowesttwitch Sorry I didn't see your question earlier. Try compression sleeves. They are a little expensive, but work well. I thought they were a gimmick, but hospitals use them. I wear them at night when I suffer from leg cramps. Look silly, but work well. I have not noticed if they help while racing?
    a year ago
  • October 16

  • Enduradad Good luck to all doing GFT this year! I hope that some of you write a report. I'll be back again next year. Enduradad
    a year ago
    • EnduradadThe count down clock seems to be running out of numbers. Must be almost race day.
      8:42 AM October 17
  • October 02

  • Slowesttwitch Open Triathlon Discussion anybody heard any info on the new recovery suit that is been launched by corerecoverysuit.com hamstrings are still really sore and looking for a recovery
    a year ago
TriathletesVillage Tri News
Video: Watch the Final Magic Hour of the first Ironman Boulder in stunning 4K Video
8/5/2014 5:17:10 PM Everyman Tri
Ironman Boulder, kike all Ironman races is 17-hour ultimate test of endurance. But not all 17 hours of an Ironman race are created equal. Most of the magic happens in the final 60 minutes when you can see the pain...
Review: The Hatfield Strapworth is expensive but worth considering for PF relief
7/19/2014 9:18:44 AM Everyman Tri
Planters fasciitis is an ugly word in the world of triathlon. When you're out there pounding the pavement for hours on end during training and running anywhere from 3 miles to 26.2 miles on race day, you're bound to experience...
Video: How to Run Like an Olympian: Top 3 Tips to Handle the Uphills
5/10/2014 6:52:25 PM Everyman Tri
What's the best tips to handle the hills when racing? In this video we show you how to run like an Olympian by teaching the Top 3 Tips to Handle the Hills when racing. Joanna Zeiger is a former professional...
Review: Power Crunch Bars tic almost all of the boxes for active triathletes
4/14/2014 8:41:12 AM Everyman Tri
All triathletes have been put on the spot before or after a workout looking for the right fuel or recovery snack. We might even be pressed to find something in a pinch to gobble down for in-workout fueling for long...
Challenge Family Announces New Race in the Philippines
9/24/2014 8:22:22 AM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site

challenge camsurAfter a successful inaugural Challenge Philippines in February, held in Subic Bay and Bataan, Challenge Family have announced the expansion of their footprint in Asia with the launch of new half distance triathlon, Challenge CamSur, to be held on June 14, 2015.

Challenge Family events are known world wide for selecting iconic and beautiful destinations. This is exemplified with the announcement of the Challenge CamSur. "We are honoured to welcome Challenge CamSur as part of the Challenge Philippine's family of races. CamSur has a rich tradition and legacy in the sport of Philippine triathlons and having our new Challenge race in CamSur, with the passion and warmth always evident by the people of Camarines Sur supporting our athletes, is just amazing!" said David Voth, CEO, Leverage Sports Asia and Challenge Philippines chairman.

"The 2014 Challenge Philippines race course in Bataan was proclaimed by many around the world as being the "World's Toughest Course", our goal for Challenge CamSur is to design and deliver one of the fastest courses in Asia and the fastest course in the Philippines." Voth further commented.

"We in the province of CamSur are proud to be part of the Challenge Family global series of triathlons and look forward to hosting Challenge CamSur. Our contribution to the growth of triathlon in the Philippines is substantive, being the host of the first major international triathlon event in the country in 2009, and this was for three consecutive years until 2011. This has established for us a solid international reputation in terms of hosting world-class triathlon events," declared Camsur Governor, Migz Villafuerte.

Villafuerte pointed out that CamSur holds a unique draw when it comes to hosting such international sporting events. "There is strong government support and we are able to offer a complete and integrated package - full preparation and security at the race venue and routes, an Olympic village-type set-up at the CamSur Watersports Complex with accommodations as well as leisure, dining, entertainment and exhibition/exposition facilities, the sprawling complex also serving as a hub for the race proper and pre-race and post-race activities. To add to all these is the enthusiasm and involvement of the local residents who go out as early as 4am and line the race routes to cheer for the competitors."

The Challenge CamSur course is designed to be fast and takes full advantage of the region's breath taking landscapes. The swim is perfect for spectator support and features a two-lake swim at the CamSur Watersports Complex with a brief run between the two bodies of water.

After the swim, athletes will exit T2 towards the scenic vistas of Mount Iriga and Mount Isarog. Much of this super fast bike course is on new or very smooth roads and incorporates the vibrant city of Iriga as well as historic WW2 locations at Mt Isarog. The out and back run course is also flat and fast, passing through local villages and rice fields, lined with cheering locals before a memorable finish line in the heart of the Camsur Watersports Complex.

Anna Stroh, event director of Challenge Philippines and Challenge CamSur said, "Giving our athletes an opportunity to compete at highest levels, in well organized, beautiful destinations, in safe conditions, this is our primary goal. By delivering one of the world's toughest races courses in Bataan and one of the fastest race courses in CamSur, Challenge will truly give triathletes a great race day experience and a race of a life time." Challenge Philippines Triathlon in Subic Bay and Bataan and Challenge CamSur will take place on on 21 February 2015 and 14 June 2015 respectively.

Both Challenge Philippines races have a new title sponsor. Yellow Cab Pizza Co has been a long time supporter of the sport of triathlon from grass roots through its own triathlon team, Team Yellow Cab (est. 2008), and sport developmental programmes including their initial support of Challenge Philippines in 2014 as an Official Partner. "We could not ask for a better partner. Yellow Cab is symbolic of quality, passion, and a positive lifestyle, so it's a perfect fit for the Challenge brand. The fact that Yellow Cab Pizza Co, is a home grown Pinoy brand with an impeccable national, regional and international reputation and that they will be supporting our Challenge Philippines brand, this makes all of us very proud," said Voth.

Entries to Yellow Cab Challenge CamSur open at 8:00am (Manila time) on Monday 29 September at www.challengecamsur.com.

For a course preview - view here: http://youtu.be/l4hi6PAFJSA

For further information on Challenge Family visit www.challenge-family.com.
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Hochegger, Lorenz & Petschnig Selected for Ironman Hall of Fame
9/24/2014 7:42:37 AM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site


IRONMAN announced today that the Austrian trio of Georg Hochegger, Helge Lorenz and Stefan Petschnig will be inducted into the IRONMAN® Hall of Fame. Collectively these iconic race developers changed the landscape of IRONMAN racing in Europe and Africa. The ceremony will be held on October, 8, 2014 during race week at the 2014 IRONMAN® World Championship presented by GoPro race, in Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i.

"Georg, Helge and Stefan are visionaries in our sport and helped elevate IRONMAN globally. Their races in Europe and South Africa were not only popular for regional athletes but became 'must do' races for triathletes from around the world," said Andrew Messick, Chief Executive Officer of IRONMAN. "This induction is a testament to their hard work and dedication to IRONMAN."

Founded in 1993, the IRONMAN Hall of Fame was created to honor individuals, like Hochegger, Lorenz and Petschnig, who have made outstanding contributions to the growth of the world's most famous endurance race series.

In 1997, Hochegger, Lorenz and Petschnig got together to establish Triangle Events, with the goal of starting an IRONMAN event in their hometown of Klagenfurt, Austria. The idea came from Hochegger, who noticed that the race in Roth was filling up. He approached Lorenz, who came up with a business plan he developed as part of his school studies. One of their company's first acts was to turn to fellow IRONMAN Hall of Fame member Mark Allen, who helped Triangle design the course in Klagenfurt. In 1999, Triangle was granted license to put on an IRONMAN race as part of IRONMAN's expansion.

In just under a decade, the three triathletes helped design challenging and popular courses throughout Europe and South Africa. Before creating their first race TriMania, held in 1998 in Austria, Hochegger, Lorenz and Petschnig were accomplished athletes in their own right. Lorenz represented Austria at the ITU World Championship in Huntsville, Canada where he finished 28th in the elite men's race in 1:52:33. After Hochegger returned to Austria following a stint as a New York City jewelry designer, he competed in the first-ever IRONMAN Europe event in 1994. Petschnig, a three-time Austrian swim champion, spent nine years in the Austrian Army and is a two-time IRONMAN finisher himself.

From there, Triangle went on to create licensed events in France (2002) and South Africa (2003). Hochegger, Lorenz and Petschnig eventually expanded their race portfolio to include IRONMAN 70.3 races in Monaco, South Africa and St. Pölten, Austria. In 2005, IRONMAN France moved to Nice, where it has become one of IRONMAN's premiere summer races.

"We're proud of creating something that we never envisioned would grow the way it did," Lorenz says. "Your heart is always part of this. Being in the IRONMAN Hall of Fame is an honor - I really think we made a difference by organizing these events."

Petschnig concurs. "This honor feels like we're closing the circle...from creating a tiny event, to going to France, Monaco, South Africa, to leading the head office in Europe for two years ... to now coming back to Kona."

Hochegger, Lorenz and Petschnig, the first European inductees to the IRONMAN Hall of Fame, join a prestigious list of remarkable individuals honored not only for incredible athletic achievements, but also for what they have given to the sport of triathlon and IRONMAN.

IRONMAN Hall of Fame:

1993 Dave Scott
1994 Julie Moss
1995 Scott Tinley
1996 Paula Newby-Fraser
1997 Mark Allen
1998 John Collins
1999 Valerie Silk
2000 Tom Warren
2001 Dr. Bob Laird
2002 Bob Babbitt
2003 Gordon Haller / John MacLean / Lyn Lemaire
2004 Greg Welch
2005 Jim Maclaren
2008 Team Hoyt - Rick and Dick Hoyt
2011 Mike Reilly
2012 Graham Fraser
2013 Peter Henning
2014 Georg Hochegger / Helge Lorenz / Stefan Petschnig

For more information about the IRONMAN Hall of Fame and its members, visit www.ironman.com/hof. The IRONMAN Hall of Fame video can be viewed on the IRONMAN YouTube channel located here.

ITU Unveils 2015 World Triathlon Series Schedule
9/12/2014 9:45:58 AM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site


On the back of the successful conclusion to the 2014 ITU World Triathlon Series, ITU is pleased to confirm the 2015 ITU World Triathlon Series calendar. For the first time, the 2015 Series will touch down in at least nine cities across five continents, and includes a variety of new and familiar sites.

"We have an incredibly exciting season lined up for 2015," said ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado. "As we continue to evolve the sport of triathlon, the Series will be showcased in more countries than ever before and in regions of the world that are not regularly exposed to triathlon."

2015 ITU World Triathlon Series
March 28-29 Auckland, New Zealand
April 11-12 Gold Coast, Australia
April 25-26 Cape Town, South Africa
May 16-17 Yokohama, Japan
Dates TBC London, Great Britain
July 18-19 Hamburg, Germany
August 22-23 Stockholm, Sweden
September 5-6 Edmonton, AB, Canada
September 15-20 Grand Final - Chicago, IL, USA

A possible tenth city could also be added to the calendar later in the year.

ituwtslogo.jpgAuckland returns as a longtime event organizer of the Series, while the Gold Coast will appear for the first time since the Series' inception in 2009.

After debuting on the calendar this year, Cape Town is slated to return for its sophomore appearance on the Series. Seasoned stops on the tour, Yokohama, London, Hamburg and Stockholm, will again offer top-notch racing.

After serving as this year's Grand Final host, Edmonton will serves as the penultimate stop on the Series schedule before Chicago closes out the year on September 15-20.

The final World Triathlon Series ranking score will continue to be obtained by adding the points gained in the ITU World Triathlon Series Grand Final plus the five best scores in the ITU World Triathlon Series events.

For more information on the triathlon series visit: ITU World Triathlon Series
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Top International Field for 2014 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship
9/3/2014 7:56:10 AM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site

Over 80 countries represented in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada for
IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship on September 7th

2014 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship

Nearly 2,500 of the world's top athletes will converge on September 7 in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada to compete in the 2014 Subaru IRONMAN® 70.3® World Championship. The oldest participant, Bob Scott, an 83 year-old man from Naperville, Illinois and the youngest, Emma Langley, an 18 year-old female from Cos Cob, Connecticut are among the competitors hailing from 87 different countries in hopes of winning an age-group World Championship title.

The 2014 field of athletes, will tackle a 1.2-mile swim in Tremblant Lake, followed by a 56-mile bicycle ride through the Laurentian Mountains and finally a 13.1-mile run that finishes in the Tremblant resorts pedestrian village, all done within eight and half hours. In order to qualify for the World Championship athletes earned slots at IRONMAN 70.3 events held worldwide.

"It is an exciting time of year as we bring our IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship outside of the United States for the first time. Mont-Tremblant has been an incredible host for races in the past and we know it will provide the perfect setting for the accomplishment of nearly 2,500 elite athletes," said Andrew Messick, Chief Executive Officer of IRONMAN. "With over 120,000 athletes striving every year to be among the top athletes to compete, it is a testament to the growth of the sport since the IRONMAN 70.3 Series was introduced in 2006. We wish every athlete from all walks of life the best of luck as they accomplish their goals and chase a World Championship."

While athletes of all ages have qualified to compete in the World Championship, the average age of 2014 male registrants is 41 and the average age of female registrants is 40, defying commonly held notions about peak physical performance.

The ages of IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship athletes are almost as varied as their countries of origin. The United States is the most represented with 975 registered competitors, accounting for over 38 percent of entrants this year.

In all, athletes from 49 states are represented, with the greatest number coming from California (140), Texas (97), Colorado (78), New York (69) and Florida (59).

The host nation, Canada has the second-most athletes competing with 403, followed by Australia (253), France (94), United Kingdom (92) and Brazil (77).

Additional historical facts and stats on the field competing in the 2014 Subaru IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec:

  • • 66 percent of participants (1,668 athletes) are male
  • • 34 percent of participants (861 athletes) are female
  • • 29 percent of Mont-Tremblant participants have completed 10 or more IRONMAN 70. 3 events
  • • 86 race participants (51 males, 35 females), or nearly 4 percent of the total field, are professional athletes
  • • Since the series began in 2006, the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship has been controlled by Australia (five champions), Germany (four champions) and Great Britain (three champions). The United States has had two winners with Canada and New Zealand each having one winner.
  • • Germany has been dominant in the men's field, claiming four men's IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships, with Sebastian Kienle winning the past two races and Michael Raelert winning in 2009 and 2010.
  • • The women's field has seen a winner from Australia or Great Britain since 2009, including two-time world champion Melissa Hauschildt who won in 2011 and 2013. Each country has had three winners.
  • • Nearly 2,000 volunteers will help make the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship a success
  • • More than 120,000 registered athletes compete in IRONMAN 70.3 races each year, representing over 180 countries

Last year's IRONMAN 70.3 World Champions, Sebastian Kienle (GER) and Melissa Hauschildt (AUS) will return for this year's race, along with the 2010 women's champion Jodie Swallow (GBR) and 2008 men's champion Terenzo Bozzone (NZL). In addition, BMX and X-Games legend Dave Mirra will give his best effort for an age-group world championship after qualifying with a fourth-place finish in his age-group at the Memorial Hermann IRONMAN 70.3 Texas triathlon.

The 2014 Subaru IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship can be viewed race day on www.ironman.com and features a live blog with comprehensive coverage and an athlete tracker with live stream fixed cameras.

In addition the Subaru IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship will be telecast at a later date on NBC Sports Network in the United States and on Sportsnet in Canada.

Riederer runs to Alanya World Cup win
12:00:00 AM ITU News
Sven Riederer (SUI) scored his second World Cup win in his long career with a blistering run in equally as hot temperatures at the Alanya World Cup on Sunday. Alessandro Fabian (ITA) crossed over after the 2008 Olympic bronze medallist followed by David Castro Fajardo (ESP), who made his first World Cup podium. After a storm desolated the start pontoon on Saturday evening, the men began their day with a beach start two-lap swim of which Steffen Justus (GER) led the first lap. Marco Van Der Stel (NED) took over the lead, with Dmitry Polyanskiy (RUS) staying on the hip of the top man. More than half the men’s field tore through the first two laps together with a small chase of 13 headed by Ben Kanute (USA) trailing just 20 seconds. But a crash at the caboose of the long train split the field and pushed the chase further back. It ended any hopes of the chase bridging up and also caused pre-race favourite Polyanskiy to lose a minute on the leaders. But a whopping 42 men remained united in the lead peloton for the remaining three laps. With the winner to be decided on the run, Under23 World Champion Dorian Coninx (FRA) charged out of transition. But with a deep field of top runners in the race, getting away was not in the cards for the Frenchman.  A group of 15 men headed by Tom Bishop (GBR) formed after the first of four run laps. By the second lap that size dwindled down to 10 with Fabian at the helm. Middway through the 10km course, Riederer made his move and dropped the men. While the French team had four men in the top 10 with two laps to go, winning a medal wasn’t to be.  Riederer continued to forge ahead, followed by Fabian and Castro. Riederer crossed over first in 1:45:57. Fabian, who finished second last year in Alanya at European Championships, repeated silver six seconds later. In his best performance to date, Castro out sprinted Junior World Champion Raphael Montoya (FRA) for bronze.
Caelers collects gold at Alanya World Cup
12:00:00 AM ITU News
After a tough season of injuries and illness, Maaike Caelers (NED) found redemption towards the end of the season with a win at the Alanya World Cup. Vendula Frintova (CZE) out sprinted a fierce pack of four down the finish chute for silver, while Yuliya Yelistratova (UKR) scooped up bronze. The day started with Summer Cook (USA) and Gaia Peron (ITA) trading off as leaders on the two-lap Mediterranean swim to enjoy a small gap in transition. But powerful cyclist Annamaria Mazzetti (ITA) quickly ended any hopes of a breakaway for the duo, as she took over as the leader by the first turn around the bike course. Junior World Champion Laura Lindemann (GER) showed grit when she grinded away with the leaders despite her young age. Audrey Merle (FRA), who finished third to Lindemann at the Edmonton World Championships, also managed to make the pack, as did U23 bronze medallist Erin Jones (USA) and pre-race favourites Rachel Klamer (NED) and Vendula Frintova (CZE). Together the ladies etched out a 40-second advantage over the front two laps, but the determined Caelers and Felicity Sheedy-Ryan (AUS) made a gutsy move on the third lap to bring the 25-deep chase pack within 10 seconds of the leaders. The decision put tough runners like Sheedy-Ryan and Under23 World Champion Sophia Saller (GER) back in the mix, which changed the end game with the group having bridged up the next lap. A congested transition saw 39 athletes drop their bikes off together and head out on the twisting four-lap 10km run together. But it was Caelers who kicked to the front of the group straight away. In the beginning Sheedy-Ryan and Gillian Sanders (RSA) answered Caelers’ smoking speed, as did Saller, Frintova, Yelistratova and Merle. But the Dutch was too quick and quickly ditched the pack on the second lap. Caelers, who had lost a close friend earlier this week, found redemption near the end of the season with a spicy final two laps that saw her win the Alanya World Cup. Behind her, a steamy battle for the final two medals was underway between Saller, Frintova, Merle and Yelistratova. But experience won out over youth with Frintova finding a final sparking in her legs to surge past Yelistratova in the final metres, leaving bronze for the Ukrainian. Saller was fourth just two seconds later, followed by Merle two seconds after that making the futures look bright for the young athletes.
Japan wins again in Incheon
12:00:00 AM ITU News
Japan continued its hot streak in Incheon, South Korea today, winning the Mixed Relay in the event’s debut at Asian Games. The four person woman-man-woman-man relay won the race by more than a minute ahead of the home country’s South Korea, followed by China with bronze. Japan led the race line to line, with their lead triathlete jutting to a 15-second advantage at the end of the mini triathlon. But determined to make an impression at home, South Korea’s second leg managed to bring the race back to a one-second battle. Although China’s second athlete clocked just the fifth-fastest split in his round, it was enough to keep China to maintain their third-place position earned by the first relay member. But with two athletes left to compete, Japan’s third athlete ended all doubts about who would top the podium with a massive leg that earned the team a 30-second lead. China managed to gain half a minute on South Korea, halving their distance to the home team. Meanwhile, Hong Kong was a distant minute behind the Chinese with one man left to compete. While Japan could have coasted through the final spin around the Mixed Relay course, their anchor put in the fastest split of all the anchors to cement Japan’s third gold medal of the Games in triathlon. South Korea scored its first ever Asian Games triathlon medal with silver, while China took its third bronze of the week. Click here for full results
Japan scores big at Asian Games
12:00:00 AM ITU News
Japan scored big at the Asian Games at the Songdo Central Park Triathlon Venue in Incheon, South Korea on Thursday going 1-2 in both the men’s and women’s events for the second consecutive Asiad. China rounded out the top three in each race, marking the first time a Chinese man has made the Asian Games podium. Women’s Review Korea’s own A Reum Jo got the crowd riled up when she led the women’s race out of the two-lap swim with a 32-second gap over China’s Yuting Huang and Lianyuan Wang. The Japanese hung with the Chinese pair, as did four additional women for a chase group of eight. The pack dwindled down to six on the 40km bike, meaning half the women would receive a medal while the other half would be left without any hardware. Jo kept the crowd cheering as one of the half dozen women riding out front, but her medal hopes ended on the 10km run. A proven tough competitor in hot and humid conditions, Ai Ueda was too fast on two feet for the women. She quickly opened up an advantage that eventually grew to a 1:20 lead for the win in 2:01:47. Behind her a fierce four-way battle for two remaining medals was being fought out between Juri Ide (JPN), Wang, Huang and Long Hoi (MAC). Despite a late surge from Wang that surpassed teammate Huang, the more experienced Ide was just able to hold of the approaching Chinese athlete off for silver in 2:03:07. Wang took bronze in 2:03:13, while Huang was fourth five seconds later and Hoi took fifth in 2:03:20. Men’s Review Yuichi Hosoda (JPN) doubled his Asiad gold medal count on Thursday when he won the men’s race, just as he did in 2010 in Guangzhou, China. A top swimmer, Hosoda headed up his hunt for another win in the swim tucked tightly into the lead pack of eight men. With nobody willing to make a break on the six-lap bike, the group stuck together until the final four run laps. It was then Hosoda and teammate Hirokatsu Tayama took off and left the field with the exception of China’s Faquan Bai. Hosoda had just a sliver more left in his legs over the pair to collect his second title in 1:49:11. In a last ditch effort, Tayama cemented his spot on the podium just 13 seconds later ahead of Bai. In one of his most impressive run and overall triathlon performances, Bai kept pace until the final laps, but it was enough to take third. Triathlon action continues tomorrow in Incheon with the Mixed Relay.
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