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Action in the Huts
  • April 10

  • Natalie TriFlorida/Sommer Sports Events What tips would you give a first timer for a Sprint Triathlon?
    about 5 months ago
  • Natalie has joined TriFlorida/Sommer Sports Events
    about 5 months ago
  • Natalie Signed up for the Sprint Triathlon on May 11. First one ever.
    about 5 months ago
  • December 11

  • Slowesttwitch created the group Discount - Corerecoverysuit
    about 9 months ago
  • Slowesttwitch created the group [AS:JOURNALINFO:GROUPNAMELINK]
    about 9 months ago
  • October 18

  • KAR The GFT Tribe Hi E-Dad and Taz!!! Hey Dad, how was the B2B?... I follow GFT on twitter, it's really looking like no wetsuits this year, water temp is over 80 degrees... I already have 2014 in the back of my mind. Missed the last three years due to a bad cold race week, plantar fasciitis, and just plain lack of motivation. I concentrated on smaller local races this year. I'm entered in the Florida Challenge next March, so I'll hold off on a GFT decision til after then. But I'm really hungry for one last shot at it... Good luck to all GFT participants tomorrow, make it memorable!!! Anyone know if St. Pete Mad Dogs are still there?
    about 11 months ago
    • EnduradadRace was great. VERY cold though, I hate cold. race start was 38 and as soon as sun set went back down fast.
      trying to plan what to do next year?
      If up to me GFT, but family wants to go some where new.

      please someone give an update on race for this year.
      10:54 AM October 28
  • SVS OK, as a past/present "TRIBE" member, I wish everyone a very safe event!! I'll be sitting by the roadside, as you cycle by, applauding your efforts. If you think it's me, just yell out "TAZ"!! No prizes, but it will keep you on your toes. HINT... What color is a pumpkin? ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH? MORE STONES!! The "TRIBE" battle cries! TAZ
    about 11 months ago
  • October 17

  • Enduradad Slowesttwitch Sorry I didn't see your question earlier. Try compression sleeves. They are a little expensive, but work well. I thought they were a gimmick, but hospitals use them. I wear them at night when I suffer from leg cramps. Look silly, but work well. I have not noticed if they help while racing?
    about 11 months ago
  • October 16

  • Enduradad Good luck to all doing GFT this year! I hope that some of you write a report. I'll be back again next year. Enduradad
    about 11 months ago
    • EnduradadThe count down clock seems to be running out of numbers. Must be almost race day.
      8:42 AM October 17
  • October 02

  • Slowesttwitch Open Triathlon Discussion anybody heard any info on the new recovery suit that is been launched by corerecoverysuit.com hamstrings are still really sore and looking for a recovery
    a year ago
TriathletesVillage Tri News
Video: Watch the Final Magic Hour of the first Ironman Boulder in stunning 4K Video
8/5/2014 5:17:10 PM Everyman Tri
Ironman Boulder, kike all Ironman races is 17-hour ultimate test of endurance. But not all 17 hours of an Ironman race are created equal. Most of the magic happens in the final 60 minutes when you can see the pain...
Review: The Hatfield Strapworth is expensive but worth considering for PF relief
7/19/2014 9:18:44 AM Everyman Tri
Planters fasciitis is an ugly word in the world of triathlon. When you're out there pounding the pavement for hours on end during training and running anywhere from 3 miles to 26.2 miles on race day, you're bound to experience...
Video: How to Run Like an Olympian: Top 3 Tips to Handle the Uphills
5/10/2014 6:52:25 PM Everyman Tri
What's the best tips to handle the hills when racing? In this video we show you how to run like an Olympian by teaching the Top 3 Tips to Handle the Hills when racing. Joanna Zeiger is a former professional...
Review: Power Crunch Bars tic almost all of the boxes for active triathletes
4/14/2014 8:41:12 AM Everyman Tri
All triathletes have been put on the spot before or after a workout looking for the right fuel or recovery snack. We might even be pressed to find something in a pinch to gobble down for in-workout fueling for long...
Challenge Bahrain Announces Star-Studded Pro Field
8/21/2014 8:54:32 AM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site

challenge bahrainChallenge Bahrain has announced its pro field to date and confirmed the start line on 6 December will be one of the most impressive ever seen over the half distance.

Hundreds of age group athletes will race along side the biggest names in triathlon on one of the fastest and most diverse course on the international circuit - high-tech architecture, 5,000 year-old culture, F1 racing and indigenous wildlife all make up the unique 113km course.

The battle for the world's largest prize purse over the half distance of $500,000 has attracted the best of the best in long distance racing, as well as lured some well-known individuals over from short course racing, making their long distance debut.

No less than nine former and current world champions - Pete Jacobs (AUS), Mirinda Carfrae (AUS), Chris McCormack (AUS), Leanda Cave (GBR), Terenzo Bozzone (NZL), Eneko Llanos (ESP), Julie Dibens (GBR), Catriona Morrisson (GBR) - four Olympic medallists including Jan Frodeno (GER), Bevan Docherty (NZL), Lisa Norden (SWE) - and two Commonwealth Games gold medalists including Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS) will line up on the shores of Bahrain Bay on 6 December.

World-class athletes making their long course debut include this year's Commonwealth Games gold medallist Jodie Stimpson (GBR), current Xterra World Champion Nicky Samuels (NZL) and Olympic bronze medallist Erin Densham (AUS).

"We are honored to host each and every professional triathlete to the Kingdom of Bahrain to participate in Challenge Bahrain, an event we are holding very dear in our hearts," said Dr Saqer Al Khalifa, president of the Bahrain Triathlon Association. "Having such a great lineup will most certainly bring us closer to our goals, to raise awareness of the importance and significance of having sports become an integral part of a person's life in all global societies."

"A field of this calibre is going to ensure Challenge Bahrain is one of the most memorable races of the year - and it's open to everyone!" said Zibi Szlufcik, Challenge Family CEO. "Age groupers will race along side the greatest and most inspirational athletes in our sport. Triathlon is the only sport on the planet where everyday people like you and me, regardless of ability, can share the course with the world's best and Challenge Bahrain is the ultimate showcase of what makes this sport great along with its definition of quality leadership and warm welcome to all."

The professional athletes confirmed to date for Challenge Bahrain are as follows:

Men Women
Pete Jacobs (AUS)
Dirk Bockel (LUX)
Sebastian Kienle (GER)
Tim Berkel (AUS)
Terenzo Bozzone (NZL)
Timo Bracht (GER)
Tyler Butterfield (USA)
Frederik Croneborg (SWE)
James Cunnama (RSA)
Bevan Docherty (NZL)
Tim Don (USA)
Michael Dreitz (GER)
Jan Frodeno (GER)
Nils Frommhold (GER)
Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS)
Eneko Llanos (ESP)
Chris McCormack (AUS)
Luke McKenzie (AUS)
Dylan McNeice (NZL)
Tim O'Donnell (USA)
Rasmus Petreaus (DEN)
Michael Raelert (GER).
Mirinda Carfrae (AUS)
Rachel Joyce (GBR)
Caroline Steffen (SUI)
Nikki Butterfield (USA)
Leanda Cave (GBR)
Erin Densham (AUS)
Mary Beth Ellis (USA)
Helle Frederikson (DEN)
Lucy Gossage (GBR)
Sarah Haskins (USA)
Heather Jackson (USA)
Rebekah Keat (AUS)
Meredith Kessler (USA)
Carrie Lester (AUS)
Annabel Luxford (AUS)
Michelle Vesterby (DEN)
Radka Vodickova (CZE)
Laurel Wassner (USA)
Lisa Norden (SWE)
Catriona Morrisson (GBR)
Julie Dibens (GBR)
Jodie Stimpson (GBR)
Nicky Samuels (NZL)
Erin Densham (AUS)

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New USA Triathlon Visa Rewards Credit Card Available
8/11/2014 11:12:41 PM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site

usa triathlon visa cardUSA Triathlon and Commerce Bank have come together to offer the USA Triathlon members a Visa rewards credit card.

Triathletes who become a cardholders can redeem points for thousands of items including cash back as statement credits, gift cards, merchandise, or travel. Additional features include select perks such as special offers on travel, fine wine and food, sports and entertainment.

The USA Triathlon Visa Rewards credit card features a flexible rewards program with thousands of rewards options and Visa Signature level benefits.

  • • Signature Rewards! High point values and unlimited earnings
  • • No annual fee
  • • Low introductory rate
  • • Visa Signature Benefits, including Concierge!
  • • Valuable offers from the USA Triathlon - exclusively for USA Triathlon Visa Rewards cardholders
  • • Your USAT Membership ID embossed on your card!

You can now get the card that rewards you, and show your support for USA Triathlon every time you make a purchase!

"We are excited to enter into a relationship with USA Triathlon and to offer their members a customized credit card as way to show their support for the organization and enthusiasm for one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S. Olympic movement," said Chad Doza, Senior Vice President of Consumer Credit Card. "We are committed to providing payment solutions to businesses and organizations in our communities and we look forward to a rewarding partnership with USA TRIATHLON."

Speaking of the new card product, Chuck Menke, USA Triathlon Chief Marketing Officer, said , "We are pleased to partner with Commerce Bank and expand our annual membership benefits to include a USA Triathlon Visa Signature Rewards Card option. With Commerce Bank as our official affinity card provider, our members will now receive exclusive value through reward points and other special offers, while showing their pride in USA Triathlon every time they make a purchase."

The card will be available through the Commerce Bank website at www.commercebank.com/triathlon as well USA Triathlon's website at www.usatriathlonriathlon.org. The USA Triathlon Visa card is accepted anywhere Visa cards are accepted.

IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia, Poland Joins European Schedule
8/11/2014 8:51:35 AM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site

ironman 70.3 gdyniaIRONMAN is proud to welcome its newest addition to the 2015 IRONMAN® 70.3® European Tour, the Herbalife IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia, Poland which will be held on August 8th, 2015. Originally introduced as the Herbalife Triathlon Gdynia in 2009, the race was moved from the villa of Susz to Gdynia in 2013 and has become a landmark event in one of the most modern and dynamic places in Poland - the seaside city of Gdynia - home port to the Polish Navy and the Polish Naval Academy.

Athletes will the start the race from a perfect beach along Gdansk Bay - a hotspot for locals and tourists alike - while thousands of fans cheer along the sea boulevard. The cycling route leads athletes through the center of the city while the run course takes the competitors along the most representative street of Gdynia - Swietojanska street - and the seaside boulevard. The start and finish areas together with the transition zone are located in the heart of the touristic center of Gdynia.

"We are extremely happy to join the 2015 IRONMAN 70.3 European Tour. When we started to organize this event six years ago, we dreamed of it becoming an IRONMAN 70.3 triathlon one day and now this day has arrived. Poland is an exciting market for triathlon and we look forward to continuing to develop this race," said Race Director Piotr Netter who witnessed the event grow from a humble 150 athletes to today's 1,500 participants.

A sentiment which Thomas Dieckhoff, CEO IRONMAN Europe, Middle East and Africa wholeheartedly shares: "We have seen the number of Polish athletes in our races triple over the past four years and believe that the Gdynia Triathlon was a major driving force. The team here has built an outstanding event and we are delighted to be able to offer the IRONMAN experience to these athletes in their own country. Gdynia is an exciting addition to the IRONMAN 70.3 European Tour and we are looking forward to welcoming athletes from all over the world to enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful race location."

The City of Gdynia is home to more than 250,000 people. Owing to its strategic location at the Gdańsk Bay approximately 440 km north-west of the country's capital of Warsaw, Gdynia has also become a major economical and cultural hub as well as a hot spot for the film industry.

"We are extremely excited about the future of the Herbalife IRONMAN 70.3 Gdynia triathlon," said Konrad Szałkiewicz, Country Director Herbalife Poland, Czech and Slovak Republics. "We are confident that it will create even more excitement for triathlon among IRONMAN fans and our partners in this part of Europe. It's really exciting to be a part of bringing IRONMAN to our region."

"I am really proud and delighted to see Triathlon Gdynia becoming a part of the legendary IRONMAN 70.3 series. It means that starting in 2015, athletes from all around the world will visit the beautiful city of Gdynia in order to compete in the best and most prestigious triathlon event in Poland and in Central Europe. I sincerely hope this impressive project is going to make history and significantly contribute to consolidating the image of Gdynia as a place where sport and recreation are extremely important in everyday life," adds Gdynia's mayor Wojciech Szczurek.

With 35 age group slots, Herbalife IRONMAN® 70.3® Gdynia will be one of the very first qualifying races for the 2016 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship - being held for the first time in the Southern Hemisphere in Mooloolaba, Queensland's Sunshine Coast. The race will also offer a professional prize purse and qualifying points.

More information about the race can be found at www.ironman.com/gdynia70.3. Registration will open in fall 2014. For more information on the IRONMAN brand and global event series, visit www.ironman.com.
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Vanhoenacker & Wee Victorious at Ironman Canada
7/28/2014 9:08:47 AM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site


Marino Vanhoenacker (BEL) regained his winning form, while Bree Wee (USA) fought off a pair of strong challengers as each claimed triumphs at the 2014 Subaru IRONMAN Canada with times of 8:16:10 and 9:46:58, respectively.

Men's Race
Race-favorite Marino Vanhoenacker (BEL) started the day strong and was first to exit Alta Lake in 50:56. Behind him was a chase pack that included Paul Ambrose (GBR), Jeff Symonds (CAN), Matt Lieto (USA) and the 2013 IRONMAN Canada champion, Trevor Wurtele (CAN).

Once on the bike Ambrose put the hammer down and stormed to the lead at a torrid pace. Sticking to his game plan Vanhoenacker was reluctant to go with Ambrose while Wurtele, Symonds and Lieto were unable to match the pace and started to lose time.

After following for close to 25 miles, Vanhoenacker eased back into the lead on a long decent, and eventually pulled away from Ambrose and the entire field. Heading into the transition, Vanhoenacker was 9:33 ahead of Ambrose, 10:16 in front of Wurtele and 19:44 up on Lieto.

Early in the run Vanhoenacker put time on everyone except Symonds, who started to pick off the men using his race-best run to surpass Wurtele and Ambrose. Vanhoenacker, who remained solid on the run, captured the Subaru IRONMAN Canada title in 8:16:10. Symonds ran his way to second with his 8:25:22 clocking while Ambrose rounded out the podium in 8:33:10.

Top 5 professional men's results:
1. Marino Vanhoenacker 8:16:10
2. Jeff Symonds 8:25:22
3. Paul Ambrose 8:33:10
4. Trevor Wurtele 8:42:59
5. Andrew Drobeck 8:50:32

imca-bree-weeWomen's Race
The women's race was a much tighter affair with a number of lead exchanges throughout the bike and run. Anna Cleaver's (NZL) 53:09 swim was the class of the field and gave her a 2:51 advantage over Karen Thibodeau (CAN), 2:51 on Bree Wee (USA) and 3:10 on Jackie Arendt (USA).

Once on the bike, the field started to tighten up. Before the first half of the ride was completed, Thibodeau jumped to the lead with Arendt, Wee and Mackenzie Madison (USA) keeping in close contact. Wee, Arendt and Cleaver exchanged positions behind the leader during the last loop, while Madison made a strong push to the front and by the time she reached T2 she was 31-seconds ahead of Thibodeau and 1:14 in front of Wee.

Madison's fought hard during the first 12 miles of the run but Wee found another gear moving into the lead. Thibodeau would eventually overtake Madison as well, staying within striking distance of the leader. Wee's race-best run of 3:17:41 moved her well into the lead and to her second IRONMAN title in a time of 9:46:35. Thibodeau claimed second with a finish time of 9:51:35, while Madison finished third, with a 9:52:46 showing.

Top 5 professional women's results:
1.Bree Wee 9:46:58
2. Karen Thibodeau 9:51:35
3. Mackenzie Madison 9:52:46
4. Jackie Arendt 9:59:06
5. Anna Cleaver 10:05:23

One of more than 30 events in the global IRONMAN Series, the 2014 Subaru IRONMAN Canada triathlon led athletes along a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run on a course that utilized a variety Whistler and its surrounding areas. The two-loop swim took place in the clean, shallow waters of Alta Lake at Rainbow Park, while the one-loop bike course took participants through the scenic Sea-to-Sky Highway and into the Callaghan Valley, site of the Nordic skiing events during the 2010 Winter Olympics. Athletes then enjoyed a spectator friendly two-loop run past Lost Lake and Green Lake that concluded with a spectacular finish in the Whistler Olympic Plaza. The event offered a total professional prize purse of $75,000 and 50 coveted age-group slots to the 2014 IRONMAN World Championship.

Source: Ironman
Photo Credits: Nils Nilsen

The Grand Final Edmonton Age Group Spotlight
12:00:00 AM ITU News
Nearly 3,000 age group athletes from 73 countries have flocked to Edmonton to represent their country in the Sprint (750m swim, 20km bike, 5km run) and Standard distance (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run) events. They will be the centrepiece of the weeklong championship program. They are the best of the best and fought hard to earn the right to compete for their country and achieve their own personal best. The hard work is all done and it’s their time to shine. The age group sprint race will go off at 9:30am on Friday. Click here for international times. The age group standard race will go off at 7:30am on Monday. Click here for international times. As expected the home nation, Canada have sent the largest team with 790 athletes, USA second with 587 and Great Britain 383. We have competitors as young as 15 years to our most senior participant at 86 years of age. But for some that road has thrown up even more challenges they’ve had to conquer just to take their place on the start line. New Zealand’s Kylie Cox is one of those inspirational stories. For the 37-year-old mother of two 18 months ago depression became something Kylie could not overlook much longer.  She looked to new goals to combat the illness.  Triathlon was the perfect fit with its multi disciplines and outdoor focus with swim, bike and run. She completed Challenge Wanaka Half with the support of her husband and close friend who then encouraged her to qualify for the Olympic distance world championships team. “I signed up for both qualifying races and joined up with my Coach, Sam Warriner at Sweat7 and am now in Edmonton! Incredibly my three year goal has come to fruition in just one year.” Cox says the renewed confidence and enjoyment she has taken out of her involvement in triathlon has been immense. “I have enjoyed every minute of it and have made some amazing new friends through the sport.  Whilst juggling training with family life has its challenges it has also made me appreciate the simple things.  My confidence has grown and it has given me faith to give other things in life a go as well, it has just been awesome.” Kylie will see those world championship dreams come to reality when she lines up in the 35 to 39 age group in the Standard distance World Championships There are many medal chances across all categories that will be hotly contested and we’ve featured just a few of the top contenders. Germany’s Hans Peter Grünebach is...
Press Conference Highlights
12:00:00 AM ITU News
Jodie Stimpson (GBR) I think obviously to doing well in the Commonwealths and setting this goal to do well it was such a high having all friends and family but there is a job to do in Edmonton and I still wanted to do well in the rest of the series. At the beginning of the year I sat down with my coach and said which was the main goal, and it was my first championships and Commonwealth Games was my first one but I still wanted to do well in the series. You don’t really know how much of a high or low how much of a low you can get after a big championship so to pick yourself back up was quiet a challenge. I’m running third in the series and hopefully I can finish off on a high on the weekend. Gwen Jorgensen (USA) I’m really excited to race this weekend and I’ve had some successful races this season which is phenomenal but at the same time I know that all my competitors are going to be there giving their A game on Saturday. With the Commonwealth Games being done now this is their next focus and I know that it’s going to be a challenge and I’m going to have to do everything I can to have a successful race. On living and training overseas Everyone sitting here next to me are away from home for most of the year, it’s something we do to be successful, it’s part of the job and it’s an investment we make to be successful. I’m really fortunate to have a great support crew behind me. Javier Gomez (ESP) This year was great was probably the best season of my life so far, four WTS series victories is just amazing. I’ve had four weeks at home training hard just getting ready for these last two races. Last weekend I wasn’t able to perform due to a stomach problem, I got sick the day before the race, felt really bad in the race. The recovery I got better, I’m feeling good now, all the training done should still be in my body. I’m looking forward to the race on Sunday, I’m feeling good right now and hope to have a good one. I’m ready to fight and give my best and enjoy another good race in Canada. It’s a country that always has been good to me. Jonathan Brownlee (GBR) The role Alistair has played on your career. Alistair has been massively important to me, he’s the one who got me into the sport taught me how to train taught me how to race. It’s incredibly powerful when you have world champions like Javier but when you actually live with a world champion and you see he’s eating fish and chips and you think I can eat fish...
Kiwis dominate Aquathlon World Championships
12:00:00 AM ITU News
The first champions of the week were crowned on Wednesday at the Aquathlon World Championships, which kicked off action at the TransCanada Corp. World Triathlon Grand Final Edmonton. New Zealand dominated the events, winning the women’s elite and junior titles, as well as the men’s junior division. Japan also enjoyed a successful day, with Yuichi Hosoda and Ryousuke Yamamoto finishing 1-2 in the men’s elite race. The USA’s Tommy Zaferes executed a swift swim on the one-lap 750m course, but his 10-second lead wasn’t enough to ward off the Japanese. Hosoda took the lead after the first of two run laps and managed to hang on to the top spot through the finish line. “I thought this aquathlon is very, very good for swim practice for me,” Hosoda said. “This is a different kind of swimming with a diving start. It was a good running session for me. I’m looking forward to this weekend. I’m very happy.” Teammate Ryosuke Yamamoto took off after Hosoda for silver while bronze was left for Ukraine’s Yegor Martynenko with the second-fastest run split of the day. Alessio Fioravanti (ITA) was the fastest man in the U23 category, while Kyle Smith (NZL) took top honours in the men’s junior race. In the women’s race, it was Great Britain’s Hannah Kitchen that headed for transition first, but Anneke Jenkins (NZL) surprised the experienced aquathlon field when she sprinted past them on the two-lap run for gold. Last year’s bronze medal winner Yuliya Yelistratova (UKR) upgraded to a silver, while Kitchen took third. “It was good, I really enjoyed,” Jenkins said. “It’s a good warmup, I had to do some hard training today. It’s good to do the swim. I got lost twice coming out of the swim, so it’s good to get those things out of the way.” Ivana Kuriackova (UKR) won the women’s U23 division, while New Zealand’s Jaimee Leader won the women’s junior category. In the para-aquathlon races, Hungary’s Peter Boronkay was the first athlete to cross the finish line, clenching the first world title of the World Championship events in the men’s PT4 sport class. Alejandro Sanchez Palomero (ESP) won the men’s PT3 division, while reigning triathlon World Champion Melissa Reid (GBR) added an aquathlon world championship title to her name in the women’s PT5.
Championship title decided at Grand Final
12:00:00 AM ITU News
Watch the races live on triathlonlive.tv Find the men’s international start times here. Elite racing returns to the City of Champions in Edmonton this weekend, and after seven races across five continents the champion will be decided in the final race. Edmonton first hosted the world championships in 2001 and the giants of triathlon return to do battle for supremacy once again at the 2014 TransCanada Corp. World Triathlon Grand Final. Javier Gomez (ESP) comes into Edmonton just 282 points clear of closest rival Jonathan Brownlee (GBR), which means it all comes down to this race for the world champion title. Gomez has dominated the 2014 season with four wins at the World Triathlon Series in Auckland, Yokohama, Cape Town and Chicago, a fourth in Hamburg and sixth in London. Prior to the World Triathlon Series race in Stockholm Gomez had a stranglehold on the title and only needed to finish no worse than seventh to claim his fourth world championship. But he came into that race sick and ended with a DNF against his name, suddenly the equation didn’t look so daunting for Brownlee. Many had already conceded the championship to Gomez, including Brownlee. Gomez must finish no worse than fifth and Brownlee must win for the Brit to take back the title. Sounds simple but throw in the possibility that Alistair may work for his brother and Gomez with a chink in his armour, this is a long way from a given and will be a battle royale. Hampered by injury this season the Olympic gold medallist Alistair Brownlee (GBR) will want to finish his season on a high by taking out the final leg and most prestigious race of the season. Challengers The past few seasons has seen the emergence of training partners, Mario Mola (ESP) and Richard Murray (RSA). In 2014 Mola was triumphant in London and finished on the podium in Yokohama and Chicago, he is currently third on the overall pointscore. Should Gomez and Brownlee fail he is within striking distance. Murray finished second behind Mola in London and grabbed bronze in Yokohama. He has been a consistent performer this season and their high end run speed install them as real threats to upset here in Edmonton. The men keep raising the benchmark on speed and the 2014 season has produced some incredible battles and exciting racing and we expect with a title and huge prize purse on the line we’re in for another spectacular race. Chances There is also every chance the podium could see a number of contenders feature...
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