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Action in the Huts
  • September 09

  • KAR The GFT Tribe I had planned on quietly slipping away from the forum, hoping to go unnoticed, but that just wouldn't be the right thing to do. We've been talking back and forth on this forum for quite awhile. I have finally come to terms with this, but after 12 years of IM training and racing, it's time for me to take a break. I just can't get my head and heart into it this year. I have posted earlier where I was having trouble getting motivated, but hoping to shake it off. I believe last years devastating illness during taper has also played into it. The best that can happen is, I'll take this year off, and come back next year, motivated and hungry.. I have a Miami Man (half Iron Tri-) on Nov. 11, so that has become my "A" race, and training has been reconfigured around it...So, my schedule for the remainder is: Sprint tri Oct. 14, Half IM in Miami Nov. 11, Thanksgiving Day 5k somewhere, Weston Half marathon in Dec., Parkland 5miler, also in Dec. and Miramar/Pines 10k in Jan. And so on...I have also started signing up for tri's for next year... In the mean time, I'll stay on this forum, and post if I think I may have some useful info, or be of help to someone... Train safe everyone!!
    about 6 years ago
    • EnduradadI know what you're saying. I remember how fun it was to have the adventure of the first few IM races.
      Do keep in touch.
      6:23 AM September 10
    • Spirit of 1989Hey KAR-Im really sorry to hear that.I was really looking forward to seeing you at GFT. I Know how hard it can be and a rest from Ironman competition is always good for your head. Ive had six years off so dont leave it that long eh? Look after yourself
      5:44 AM September 11
  • September 06

  • Spirit of 1989 The GFT Tribe Hey - Edad-Im looking forward to it myself-last four weeks graft coming up-With your experience I wouldnt worry too much about falling behind
    about 6 years ago
    • EnduradadToday I started to "feel it!" and I'm sure those of you doing it are about to.
      On the track today it felt fun to play with extra speed and to know the miles were goiong by quick and easy.
      Hope the rest of you are enjoying the journey!
      6:21 AM September 06
    • Spirit of 1989I certainly felt it at the end of my long run yesterday-It was 16 miles through the sand dunes and it felt like id had my legs hit with hammers. It feels like a long time since the miles went past quick and easy for me!!
      10:53 AM September 06
  • September 05

  • Enduradad Hey friends I hope you are all doing well! I'm falling behind in my training goals, but i'll be ready for the fun. I will be in Fla. 10/17 late and will be staying at the Holiday Inn. see you soon!
    about 6 years ago
  • September 04

  • Spirit of 1989 The GFT Tribe Hey KAR long time no hear hows it going?
    about 6 years ago
  • September 02

  • yellowcake The GFT Tribe Does anyone have a garmin map of the bike course? or a gpx file of the bike course?
    about 6 years ago
    • Spirit of 1989Hi Yellowcake its on map my ride theres a link somewhere further down this thread
      9:26 AM September 02
    • yellowcakeThat's probably the one I put out there (mapmyride). Apparently mapmyride doesn't play well with Power Tap (my cycleops computer), so I'm having difficulty comparing my training rides to the actual race course. I'm struggling with the hills and think I may have a training course that is much harder than the race course, so may need to scale it back a bit. Would help if I had something that uses training peaks, cycleops or garmin.
      2:33 PM September 02
    • Spirit of 1989Sorry about that Im a bit low tech with my training,no power meters etc..Ive just been doing lots of long hard rides and hope that'll be enough for the bike course
      11:26 AM September 03
  • August 28

  • Spirit of 1989 The GFT Tribe To all the people in New Orleans and the surrounding area. Stay safe over the next few days eh?
    about 6 years ago
    • EnduradadThis should be my hardest and longest weekend, but they are predicting lots of rain.
      3:23 PM August 29
    • EnduradadWell it's a wash out. All four days. Hope everyone else made it count.
      9:14 AM September 03
    • Spirit of 1989Saturday was a social ride with the lads-40 miles with a cafe stop and a big burn up for the last 10 miles or so (30 MPH)-Sunday was 100.5 miles hard with 4 mile transition run-Started out in the rain but finished in the sun-Monday was 4.5k swim and a 9 mile run in the sand dunes near home, then today 2 1/2 hr hill session on bike. What did you get done e-dad?
      8:51 AM September 04
  • August 26

  • Spirit of 1989 The GFT Tribe I reckon everyone is going to be flying come race day cause its gone really quiet which must mean.......everyone is hammering in the miles.....Im growing a set of gills like my pet goldfish. 97.5miles in the rain today followed by a short transition run. what are you all up to??
    about 6 years ago
    • EnduradadGood morning! Sorry to hear about the rain.
      I've been doing ok so far, but have not had a chance to bump up my training to final level. To many hours of over-time.
      I'm running tubulars on my bike. I need something to hold more air pressure. My gears for GFT are 12-28 range. It makes the hills much easier.
      Don't forget you'll need sunscreen for race day. One of our pre-race events will need to be a group WalMart shopping trip.
      6:43 AM August 28
    • Spirit of 1989Im pretty lucky really, depending on how you look at it, we dont have overtime in my job....
      Ive decided to use my usual set up- Zipp 404's with vittoria cx crono tubulars.. Im probably bringing 2 cassettes with me-12-25 and 11-23. Ill decide on a ride round the course which one ill use but knowing me it'll be the 11-23.
      As for the sunscreen....already bought along with new race kit.. i only need to but my visor now...I usually use a cap but methinks itll be a bit warm for that!....Dont tell my wife about the shopping she'll be all over it!!
      6:25 PM August 28
    • Spirit of 1989just another one whats peoples preferences for lids-aero or regular road? Im using my aero ...probably!!!
      6:27 PM August 28
    • yellowcakeBig Brick this past weekend - 8.5 hours. For the bike, it was 80 hilly miles - Garmin says I did over 4,000 ft. elevation, while MapMyRide shows 2,120 ft. elevation with two cat 5 climbs. So averaged about 14 mph on bike. Run was 13 hilly miles. Here's hoping I can get that bike speed up to a minimum of 15mph and that the hills I'm training on are harder than those in the race (which I hear are pretty tough). Felt great after the workout - although the legs are definitely talking back to me (in choose to interpret that as, the muscles getting bigger).
      2:12 PM August 29
    • EnduradadYou sound like you're on track.
      Spirit, I would love to run my 11-23, but in the past we did course opposite direction which meant to much headwind. When you do bike course try and check that also. With the current direction we just might have a good tailwind where you could use the 11.
      3:30 PM August 29
  • August 24

  • Spirit of 1989 The GFT Tribe I agree work is a pain in the proverbial..Ive got nights coming up sunday monday and tuesday so Next week is going to be a balancing act...stones anyone???? By the way what bikes are you all riding,what about your tyre/wheel choices. Now theres a great topic for discussion
    about 6 years ago
  • August 23

  • Enduradad Work keeps getting in the way of my training! I need a Sponsor.. Since I will be out on the course longer they should get more ad time. Also more people see the back of my shirt than the leaders. Heck, I've not seen a leader after the gun even once. I'm also in a higher demographic SLOW. If anyone knows who I can contract let me know.
    about 6 years ago
  • August 20

  • yellowcake The GFT Tribe Enjoying the change in weather.....so refreshing!
    about 7 years ago
    • EnduradadThe days are going away to fast!
      5:49 PM August 20
    • EnduradadStarting last 6 week set then 2 week taper taper.
      It's crunch time..
      6:17 AM August 23
  • August 19

  • Spirit of 1989 The GFT Tribe KAR- I did a race in 1989 and the day after there was report in the local newspaper that a farmers sheep had died after drinking the water!!!! Ive never had any punch ups in the water but your story sounds a bit hairy. Its the main reason I dont charge into the swim when the gun goes off....More Stones....not good carrying them on the swim either !!!
    about 7 years ago
    • KARSpirit, we have a venue here that has been hosting races since 1983. To this day, it smells like a possible broken sewer pipe under the water. The beach has been closed more than once due to high bacteria levels. But the smell seems to go away shortly after sunrise...Today was a LONG swim in the ocean. I forgot my watch, so I went from 40th street to the volleyball courts and back. The salt water really irritated my nose. Six mile run at 3pm, man it was HOT!!..
      9:43 PM August 19
TriathletesVillage Tri News
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12/29/2015 2:34:14 PM Everyman Tri
August 2nd, 2015, brought in the second edition of the Ironman Boulder triathlon in Boulder, Colorado. The event hosts nearly 3,000 triathletes over a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride followed by a marathon, a 26.2 mile run. Many...
Review: The Legends Free State Triathlon gets an A grade
7/12/2015 5:59:08 PM Everyman Tri
June 7th, 2015, ushered in the inaugural Legends Free State Triathlon at Clinton Lake in Lawrence, KS. The event boasted a sprint distance, olympic distance, half distance and a 100 mile distance triathlon all on the same day at the...
How to Eat Like An Olympian: Top Recipes for Making Your Own Gels
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There’s so many ways to go when runners and triathletes are looking for shoes. I’ve tested several makes and models for which many manufacturers produce to address every category came up, and some that have never been thought of until...
IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Returns to the U.S. In 2017
5/26/2015 3:40:47 PM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site

Chattanooga, Tennessee, Lake Placid, New York, and St. George, Utah Named as Finalists


IRONMAN today announced that the 2017 IRONMAN® 70.3® World Championship triathlon will be held in the United States. Three cities, all of which currently host IRONMAN® or IRONMAN® 70.3® races, have been named as the finalists in the selection process - Chattanooga (Tennessee), Lake Placid (New York) and St. George (Utah). In addition, the 2017 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship will be a two-day event - with the professional women and age group women racing on one day and the professional men and age group men racing on the other.

"With the global explosion of IRONMAN 70.3 races, we expect approximately 4,500 athletes from around the world to qualify for the 2017 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship, which is too many for a single day of racing," said Andrew Messick, Chief Executive Officer of IRONMAN. "We are focused on providing more opportunities for women to race with us globally and, after consulting with members of our Women For Tri Board, felt that having a separate race for female professional and age group athletes would be a strong step forward for our sport."

The IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship began an annual global rotation in 2014 in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. This August, the prestigious event will be held in Europe for the first time - in Zell am See-Kaprun, SalzburgerLand, Austria. The 2016 race shifts to the Southern Hemisphere for the first time - in Queensland, Australia's Sunshine Coast. Domestic and international competitors will earn the right to compete in the 2017 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship by qualifying at nearly 90 IRONMAN 70.3 events around the world beginning in July 2016.

"The rotation of the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship has elevated the race and allowed athletes from all over the world to experience a World Championship event at fantastic locations," added Messick. "The finalists for the 2017 championship are all tremendous hosts to IRONMAN races and provide courses well suited for an event of this caliber. These cities also provide our athletes and their families world-class hospitality and endless scenic and entertainment options."


Chattanooga, Tennessee - Chattanooga, known throughout the Southeastern U.S. as the Scenic City with a vibrant downtown, lures athletes with its dramatic backdrop, idyllic weather and low-key southern charm. Host to IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 events, Chattanooga provides a fast course with a swim in the Tennessee River. Four bridges cross the river over the swim and a pedestrian Riverwalk runs along the entire swim course making it ideal for spectators. Chattanooga is just 90 minutes from Atlanta and is full of attractions, eclectic dining spots and great places to stay.

Lake Placid, New York - Having hosted two Olympic Games (1932 and 1980), this charming town knows how to deliver a world-class athletic event. Lake Placid, located in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains, hosts IRONMAN Lake Placid, the longest-running American event aside from the IRONMAN World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawai`i. Lake Placid has the amenities of a large city and the convenience of a small town, offering high-end restaurants, shopping and world-class accommodations.

St. George, Utah - This striking Southwestern community currently hosts the IRONMAN 70.3 North American Pro Championship. St. George offers breathtaking scenery and views of the surrounding red rock canyons. The city's walkable downtown area offers great local fare and boutique shopping. St. George is also only two hours from the nightlife of Las Vegas, with its never-ending entertainment options.

More than 200,000 athletes will participate in the global IRONMAN 70.3 Series during the 2016 season, which consists of nearly 90 events in locations such as Australia, Brazil, Malaysia and South Africa. Participants in the 2015 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship will range in age from 18 to 80-plus and will represent over 60 countries. Each age-group winner at the 2015 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship will automatically qualify for the 2016 championship.

For more information about the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship, please visit www.ironman.com/triathlon/events/ironman-70.3/world-championship.
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Australia Lands 2016 Ironman 70.3 World Championship Race
2015 Ironman 70.3 World Championship To Be Held In Europe
2014 Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Mont-Tremblant
Ironman 70.3 World Championship Venue Will Rotate Globally

Chile Will Host a Challenge Family Triathlon in Puerto Varas
5/7/2015 10:10:52 AM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site

Challenge-Puerto-Varas.pngChile will host the country's first Challenge Family triathlon on February 13, 2016 with the announcement of the half distance CHALLENGE PUERTO VARAS.

Puerto Varas, one of the most beautiful regions and cities in southern Chile is also known as "La ciudad de las rosas" or "the city of roses. It was formed from the German Colonization with immigrants who settled here between 1852 and 1853 and as such has a strong German heritage integrated with its South American culture.

The CHALLENGE PUERTO VARAS course is centered around this iconic South American town and includes the beautiful landscapes of the region, highlighting the imposing Osorno Volcano and Lake Llanquihue. Puerto Varas is also known for its adventure tourism with lots of water sports, particularly kayaking and canyoning and its strong German heritage and architecture combine with the South American culture.

The 1.9km two lap swim course takes place in the calm and crystal waters of Lake Llanquihue.

The three-lap 90km bike course runs along the shores of Lake Llanquihue heading towards Ensenada, where the majesty of the Osorno Volcano is constantly with athletes, towering over the lake views.

The half marathon run course is a fast, flat three laps also along the shores of Lake Llanquihue before finishing in the heart of the city.

The CHALLENGE PUERTO VARAS prize purse will be the highest in the history of triathlon in Chile at 20,5 million pesos (€30,000).

Edmundo Foncesca, CHALLENGE PUERTO VARAS spokesperson said the event would offer Chile's growing triathlon community outstanding opportunity.

"The idea of doing a half distance in the city of Puerto Varas, aims to offer the growing community of triathletes, not only Chileans and the region but to the international community, another career option where you can test the capabilities of each athlete. In addition the event will involve the whole family in this spectacular location, as is typical of the Challenge Family series of events. Chile and the region and Puerto.Varas, deserves to have this triathlon and we look forward to see you on February 13, 2016 along with your entire family," he said.

Renowned Chilean triathlete Marcelo Galvez gave the event his full support, "Puerto Varas is an excellent choice to run a triathlon because besides being able to participate in this event, athletes can enjoy exploring the area and discovering great places: Up to Osorno volcano, visit the town of Frutillar and taste its exquisite local cuisine, shop around the city of Puerto Montt and revel in cocinerías ... personally I'm really excited to visit CHALLENGE PUERTO VARAS!"

Puerto Varas is located in the southern Chilean province of Llanquihue, in the Los Lagos Region.


For further information and entries, please visit www.challenge-puertovaras.com.
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Pro Prize Purse Added to TriRock Philadelphia Triathlon
4/9/2015 10:36:14 AM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site

Pro triathletes to compete for $25,000 prize purse offered by Philadelphia Insurance Companies

trirock-philly-logo.pngLaunched in partnership with Presenting Sponsor Philadelphia Insurance Companies (PHLY), the PHLY Cup Pro Division will return to the 2015 Johnson & Johnson TriRock Philadelphia Triathlon. Held in conjunction with the Olympic distance race on Sunday, June 28, the PHLY Cup offers pro triathletes the chance to compete for a prize purse totaling $25,000.

"This exciting event draws world-class athletes and weekend warriors, helping to put a spotlight on the City of Philadelphia and raise both money and awareness for important charities," shared Philadelphia Insurance Companies President and CEO Bob O'Leary. "It's a unique event where you can find the top professionals in their sport compete on the same course as everyday athletes. TEAMPHLY loves hosting and competing each year."

The PHLY Cup prize purse of $25,000 (split evenly between the men and women top finishers), breaks down as follows:

• Winner - $6,000
• Runner-up - $3,500
• 3rd place - $1,500
• 4th place - $1,000
• 5th place - $500

"With other races cutting support for pros, we knew it was important to the industry for us to continue offering a prize purse," said Nick Lynch, TriRock Triathlon Series. "We are beyond proud of our partnership with Philadelphia Insurance Companies and look forward to a great event in June with the best in triathlon competing on one of the most challenging Olympic distance courses in the US. We'll be announcing our pro field shortly and we expect it to be as strong as ever."

The 11th annual event features three days of activities including a Multi-Sport Expo starting on Friday, June 26 and a Sprint distance race at 7:30 am on Saturday, June 27. Johnson & Johnson TriRock Philadelphia culminates with an Olympic distance event at 6:30 am on Sunday, June 28, which will welcome some of the best pro triathletes in the country.

Fairmount Park will host the scenic and challenging race and fun, family atmosphere, with a finish line concert taking place on both days of the event. The start, finish and transition areas will be located just off of Martin Luther King Drive, near the base of Black Road.

Johnson & Johnson TriRock Philadelphia will provide participants with a finisher's medal, technical t-shirt, red carpet finish, post-race breakfast and beer garden. Participants will pick up race packets at the two-day Expo held Friday and Saturday of event weekend.

For more information about the TriRock Triathlon Series or to register for Johnson & Johnson TriRock Philadelphia Triathlon presented by Philadelphia Insurance Companies please visit TriRockSeries.com.

Chattahoochee Challenge Half Joins TOUGHMAN Series
4/6/2015 9:23:54 AM tjnickhttp://www.trijuice.com Triathlon Juice (TRIJUICE) - triathlon news & resource site


We are pleased to announce the addition of the TOUGHMAN Ga, Chattahoochee Challenge to the TOUGHMAN Half Iron Series. Formerly the Chattahoochee Challenge Half, TOUGHMAN Ga, Chattahoochee Challenge will take place in Columbus on April 23, 2016. The addition of the new half iron distance triathlon to the TOUGHMAN Half Iron Series makes us the the 2nd LARGEST Half Iron Series in the US with 11 races.

The triathlon event takes place in Columbus, Georgia which is on the Georgia / Alabama border. About 110 miles southwest of Atlanta, GA and 81 miles east of Montgomery, AL.

"Having Tri Columbus join our family of races is in line with our philosophy of providing a standardized, great race experience but in keeping with the local grass roots feel." says Richard A. Izzo, Owner & Founder of TOUGHMAN Half Series.

The event will start off with a 1.2 mile swim course which is down river for the first 3/4 of the swim and then back up the Chattahoochee to the swim exit. Athletes will then go out on the out and back 56 mile bike course which is a fast ride, with rolling hills through Fort Benning. The route has a total ascent of 2128.16 ft and has a maximum elevation of 509.78 ft. After the bike they will head out on to a 2-loop, 13.1 mile run that will take them through historic Columbus, with aid stations at every mile mark. The route has a total ascent of 395.78 ft. Athletes then finish smack-dab in the middle of one of the annual Music Festivals, in downtown Columbus.

This will be a qualifier for the TOUGHMAN Half Iron Series Championship in New York that will take place on September 11th 2016.
Registration for all races are open at www.TOUGHMANTri.com

About Tri Columbus
Tri Columbus GA is a premier sports firm specializing in event production, management, and corporate sports marketing development. Dedicated to the creation, development and management of participant and endurance sports including those of running, swimming, and cycling, Tri Columbus Ga produces events in the local and surrounding communities.

ABOUT the TOUGHMAN Half Iron Series
The TOUGHMAN Series is currently 11 races in the US with locations in: FL, Columbus Ga, Richmond IN, Tupper Lake NY, Sherwood WI, Ocean Shores WA, Chisago MN, Pell City AL, Provo UT and Santa Fe NM. The series Championship in Croton on Hudson New York has a closed bike course with over $30,000 worth of age group awards as well as a $4500 cash purse!
for more information www.TOUGHMANTri.com

Gustav Iden claims a surprise victory at the Lausanne World Cup
12:00:00 AM ITU News
At Saturday’s Lausanne World Cup, it was the Norwegian team that proved once again they are always going to be in the hunt for medals over a tough and challenging bike course as Gustav Iden surprised all the favourites to claim the victory, with Jonathan Brownlee following him in second place and another Norwegian, Kristian Blummenfelt, grabbing the bronze medal. After claiming all the podium positions in WTS Bermuda at the begining of the season, the Norwegians have had an up and down season, but arrived in Lausanne knowing that the hills and technical course in the Olympic capital looked like a perfect fit for them. On a hot and humid afternoon in Lausanne, the 1.5km swim did little to determine the race, with almost all the athletes exiting the water together, knowing that it was likely to be the bike the leg that would define the race. Right at the beginning of the bike section, Jonny Brownlee decided to attack and test the field, with Andrea Salvisberg (SUI) the only athlete following. Behind the pair, Blummenfelt and Casper Stornes (NOR) led the chasers, never allowing the Brit a clear breakaway. But lap after lap, hill after hill, the group saw repeated attempts to break clear, all of them without luck. First it was Blummenfelt trying to open a gap, helped by Iden. Next lap it was Leo Bergere (FRA), and then Germany’s Jonas Schomburg gave it a try. But on the bell lap, the huge group was still riding together, saving their legs for the 10km run under the sun. With a group of more than 30 athletes entering T2 together, quickly after transition Jonny Brownlee and Kristian Blummenfelt positioned themselves ahead, followed by Iden and Bence Bicsak (HUN). Just when it looked like Jonny and Kristian were going to sprint it out to the end, it was the younger Norwegian, Iden, who added an extra gear to his pace and flew past both of them. The distance kept increasing, while Brownlee and Blummenfelt managed to leave Bicsakc behind in the last kilometer, knowing that the medals will be decided between them. All smiles, Iden crossed the finish line with the fastest run split of the day, to stop the clock on 1h49’48’’ and claim a second World Cup win of his career and the second podium of his season after his third place in WTS Bermuda. And sprinting the last meters, a determined Brownlee grabbed the silver medal, with Blummenfelt crossing the finish line in third place. Bicsak claimed fourth and fifth was Joric Van Egdom (NED), helped one of his...
Nicola Spirig strikes again in Lausanne
12:00:00 AM ITU News
The scenario looked like customized for the Swiss double Olympic medalist Nicola Spirig to continue with her winning strike, and she just delivered. With the sun hitting hard in the stunning Geneva Lake, Spirig showed once more her class to take the win at the 2018 ITU Lausanne World Cup cheered by thousands of spectators, delighted with her dominance of the race. Behind her, two-time junior World Champion Taylor Knibb claimed the silver medal, while Italian Verena Steinhauser finished in third place. It was the British Lucy Hall who managed to leave the swim in first place, followed quite closely by Dutch Maya Kingma. Only a few seconds behind, the double U23 World Champion, Tamara Gorman (USA) looked like the one to beat today, pushing really hard to try to break away early on the bike course, knowing what was coming behind. Because all the field knew that this bike course looked like made for Spirig. One of the strongest bikers of the circuit, the tough hills of Lausanne, which the athletes had to go up 14 times, proved to be so demanding that the three leaders were quickly caught by the group, led by the Swiss, never looking back and always pushing even when going up. With Spirig always leading, accompanied by Taylor Knibb, Verena Steinhauser and Mathilde Gautier (FRA), by the third lap the small group had built up a consistent lead that ended up in almost two minutes by the end of the 40 km bike ride. Behind them, a large chase group looked too big to try to work to reduce the time difference, and the women started saving some legs for the 10km run. And it was right after the second transition where Spirig didn’t even look back to see what the other three were going to do. The Swiss, cheered by thousands of spectators, included her husband and her two young kids, left solo and no one was able to follow her, to finish with a 36’04’’ run under the challenging heat, the second best split of the day. Behind her, only Knibb was able to keep for a bit the pace of the Swiss, but Nicola knew the time difference with her and maintained a 30 seconds gap to cross the line in the first place, all smiles, for much delight of the local crowds. Behind her, Knibb, who had had the fastest split on the bike, got her first podium of the season, while for the third woman on the finish line, Steinhauser, this was her second bronze medal of the World Cup season. In fourth place, another veteran, Barbara Riveros (CHI), back on top five places after almost two years...
Great Britain claims 22 gold medals at the Glasgow AG European Championships
12:00:00 AM ITU News
Almost one thousand triathletes had the chance to compete for the Sprint Distance Age Group European Championships in Glasgow, in the same venue used by the elite athletes, proving that the Scottish grounds are the perfect scenario also for massive participation races. And with the privilege of racing on home soil, the British team dominated the event, claiming 85% of the podium positions for the day. Not even the chilly conditions in Strathclyde Park on Saturday morning prevented the athletes to have their best smiles ready to go for a swim in the calm waters of the Loch and try to grab one of the 79 medals awarded, and with thousands of spectators cheering for all the athletes from beginning to the end, with the medal ceremonies taking place in the Elite athletes transition area after the Mixed Relay race. Twenty one nations participated in this edition of the Age Group European Championship, with a little bit over 30% of the entries coming from outside the UK. Ireland (66 athletes), Belgium (46), Germany (39) and Austria (30) where the next countries with more entries, with nations like Spain having one sole participant. Some well known faces lined up in the pontoon for the European glory, including Michael Smallwood. A member of Rugby Triathlon Club, Mike was the British Triathlon Male Age-Group Athlete of the Year in 2016, a season in which he won six European and World Championship medals, including Gold (Sprint and Aquathlon), plus Silver (Standard) at the ITU World Championships in Cozumel, Mexico. Michael added to his already extensive medal collection and now has 26 medals in IT and ETU races, one of the best records for his category: male 70-74 years old. With the pleasure also of winning in Glasgow on his category by more than four minutes. Several athletes also managed to combine the Sprint and Olympic distance double, with Donald Brooks (GBR), competing in the 40-44 years’ class, was the fastest athlete of the day both in Glasgow and two weeks before in Tartu. The winner of the younger competitors was Jack Shayler (GBR), with teammates William Dixon and Reuben Trotter completing a British podium sweep in the 16-19 category, as they also did in the 20-24 class, with William Kirk, David Pearson and Lewis Strachan completing the first three positions. Complete Brit podium was also for the 30-34 category, with Edward Castro claiming gold, and the 35-39 class, with the victory for James Wilson. Having all participants starting in...
Spirig on the hunt for a World Cup title at home In Lausanne WC
12:00:00 AM ITU News
The elite circuit stops in Lausanne this weekend for the 10th stop of the 2018 ITU World Cup circuit. The vibrant Swiss city is ready to write a new chapter in its great history as Lausanne prepares to host the 2019 ITU Grand Final. And with the last two World Sprint champions crowned in the city seven years ago, Jonathan Brownlee and Barbara Riveros, returning to shine again in the Olympic capital. This year’s Olympic distance course begins in the stunning Lake Geneva before a fast 40km bike through the city that combines fast downhill sections and challenging long climbs. That will leave the athletes with a 10km run through the city center streets to define the champions. Men’s Preview With the World Cup taking place less than a month before the ITU Grand Final, some teams have decided to stay in Europe for the last block of training of the season, and among them will be the Norwegian squad, vying for a repeat in Lausanne of their podium swept as they did earlier this season in WTS Bermuda. Wearing number one this Saturday in Lausanne will be Kristian Blummenfelt, currently ranked fourth and one of the stronger bikers of the circuit, looking for some valuable points after some weeks training with the Norwegian team in altitude. He will definitely use his skills in the hills of Lausanne to try a breakaway on the bike course with the help of his teammates Casper Stornes, Gustav Iden and Jorgen Gundersen, all of them also great bikers and strong runners. But they won’t be the only strong bikers on sight in Lausanne, with British Jonathan Brownlee also toeing the start line this Saturday trying to collect some points before heading for Australia for training before the Grand Final. Even tho the double Olympic medallist -bronze in London 2012 and silver in Rio 2012- is not so used to the World Cup circuit, he knows the up and downs of the Olympic capital extremely well, as it is in this same city where he was crowned Sprint World Champion in 2010 and 2011. After their great success in the European Championships in Glasgow, the French squad will be among the ones to watch, with Leo Bergere having the responsibility this time to try to be in the podium, while Aurelien Rafael can never be discharged and he already knows what it is to be on the podium this season, with his third place in Astana World Cup. Also vying for his first World Cup podium of the season is Uxio Abuin Ares (ESP), who managed to get the silver medal at the 2018 European Sprint...
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