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  • October 05

  • Kyle I keep trying to plan an efficient bike route for my long rides by riding into the head wind and then returning home with the tail wind. Does anyone know a good weather website that can predict what the wind will look like before I ride? Thanks
    about 8 years ago
  • September 29

  • Kyle During my long bike rides my feet begin to get very sensitive and painful around the 3 or 4 hour mark. I presume it has something with circulation or the biking shoes that I am wearing. Does anyone have any advice or feedback on how to prevent the pain? Thanks and good luck to all those running Chicago next week.
    about 8 years ago
  • Kyle Dont have too many hills that rival sugar loaf in Jacksonville. On to bridge repeats. Hoping for one of the entry spots.
    about 8 years ago
  • September 28

  • Kyle updated profile.
    about 8 years ago
  • Kyle College student with a lot of training miles and not too much spending money. I havent been able to purchase the Ultra entry but I think I am in enough shape to conquer the distance. Does anyone know how they select the last few spots? Would love a chance to climb sugarloaf.
    about 8 years ago